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Harnessing Holistic Health with Will Loiseau

Welcome to another riveting episode of Plant Based on Fire, where we dive deep into the world of plant-based health with experts who are reshaping our understanding of wellness.

This week, we're thrilled to feature Will Loiseau, the visionary behind Pro Healthy Choice, a holistic sports nutrition and wellness consultancy that is revolutionizing the way we think about health and vitality.

Will Loiseau isn’t just a consultant; he is a beacon of change in the health sector. His journey began after returning from a life-altering trip in 2010, feeling the dire need to detoxify his body. This epiphany led him to a transformative three-day fruit detox that cleared his mental fog and rejuvenated his entire being.

"My eyes got clearer, my energy improved, I slept better, and that's what led me on the road to continue to read and try to find out more about this lifestyle,"

Will shares about his initial foray into holistic health.

His exploration didn't stop at personal experiments. Will backed his newfound passion with solid credentials, becoming a certified holistic sports nutritional consultant and personal trainer. This unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise is what makes his approach at Pro Healthy Choice so effective.

Insights You'll Gain From This Episode:

  • Holistic Health Integration: Understand how holistic practices can be seamlessly integrated into sports nutrition, setting it apart from traditional methods.

  • Sustainable Lifestyle Changes: Discover strategies for long-term health success, beyond the fleeting results of conventional diets.

  • Empowering Personal Transformation: Learn from Will’s personal transformation and how he uses his experiences to inspire and guide others.

  • Addressing Health Myths: Will tackles common misconceptions about plant-based diets, particularly the protein myth, providing clarity and reassurance.

Empowering Through Knowledge and Practical Advice

Will’s approach is profoundly empathetic, recognizing that lasting change must meet people where they are. He explains,

"At first, like many who start in this movement, I had dogmatic perspectives. I learned through trial and error that that's not going to work, so I've become more empathetic."

His strategy involves a deep dive into the lifestyles of his clients, understanding their daily habits, from their diet to their professional lives, crafting bespoke plans that resonate with their personal journeys.

Challenging Misconceptions Head-On

A significant part of Will's mission is to dismantle the myriad of myths surrounding plant-based diets, especially around protein and nutrient sufficiency. He addresses these concerns head-on, reassuring his clients and listeners,

"Whole plant foods contain all or most of the essential vitamins and minerals we need. It’s about understanding what you're eating and why."

Will’s holistic approach goes beyond diet, incorporating the benefits of natural body movements and how they contribute to long-term health.

From Personal Transformation to Public Motivation

Will's personal transformation is not just about overcoming his health challenges; it's also about his feats as an athlete and author. His journey from wellness novice to conquering races like the New York City Marathon exemplifies his dedication. Moreover, his literary contributions, including Quake: Horror and Hope in Haiti and Young at Any Age: Secrets to Slowing the Aging Process, extend his influence, providing readers with poignant narratives and practical health insights.

Why Listen to This Episode?

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a seasoned athlete, or someone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change, this episode with Will Loiseau offers invaluable insights. His approach goes beyond temporary fixes, focusing on deep, sustainable changes that honor the body's needs and the individual’s lifestyle.

Will’s story is not just about personal success; it’s a testament to the transformative power of understanding and addressing the root causes of health issues. His holistic methods emphasize the importance of a well-rounded lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, adequate movement, and mental clarity.

Tune In to Transform Your Life

Join us on this inspiring journey with Will Loiseau on Plant Based On Fire. Whether you’re looking to overcome health challenges or simply seeking to elevate your wellness, this episode is your gateway to a healthier, more vibrant life.

Check out the full episode to harness the secrets of slowing down the aging process and achieving peak health, no matter your age. Listen, learn, and ignite your journey to a healthier you with Will Loiseau’s expert guidance.

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>Episode’s Transcript

Please understand that a transcription service provided the transcript below. It undoubtedly contains errors that invariably take place in voice transcriptions.

Bryan (00:00.686)

Hello everybody. Welcome to Plant Based on Fire, where we talk about plant based businesses and their inspiring stories to thrive in our industry. I'm your host Bryan. And today joining me on the show is Will Lassau. I don't know if I said that right. So correct me if I'm wrong. Will Lassau. Okay, awesome. And he is the founder of Pro Healthy Choice. It is a beacon of holistic sports nutrition and a wellness consultancy. So welcome to the show Will. Thanks for being here.

Will Loiseau (00:18.608)


Will Loiseau (00:34.)

Thanks for having me, Bryan.

Bryan (00:35.886)

It's a pleasure you are. I think you're hanging out in my neck of the woods where I used to live down there in Fort Lauderdale. Is that right? Awesome, that is gotta be approaching the summer peaks here of the heat ramping up, right?

Will Loiseau (00:43.696)

That's right, yeah.

Will Loiseau (00:52.656)

Yeah, it's getting hot out here.

Bryan (00:54.638)

Yeah, I'm up in Charlotte now and it's I think summer has officially arrived. It's going to be in the 80s today. So, hey, I really appreciate you being on the show. Like for those of the people that that don't know you that well and and whatnot, like start at the beginning for us. What motivated you to create and start Pro Healthy Choice and how did your personal journey influence its creation?

Will Loiseau (01:21.68)

Yeah, so I started Pro Healthy Choice around 2012, 2013. And I guess it started in different phases of my life, but just to sum it up real quick, I was always just intrigued with a lot of people around me that I seen going through all types of health issues, including myself. So I was always looking for solutions.

And I went through, I guess, the trials and tribulations that most of us go through as far as experimenting with different recipes and different lifestyles. And I wasn't really getting the answers that I was looking for in my education. So I came back from a traumatic situation in 2010 from overseas and

I just felt the need to detox. I knew I needed to detox in some way, shape or form. And that's when that led me to, you know, reading about holistic nutrition and holistic living. And I just decided one weekend to just try to do a fruit detox. And it was three days, just all fruit diet. And I just felt so much better. You know, my eyes got clearer.

My energy improved, I slept better, I didn't have mental fog. And that's what led me on, I guess, the road to continue to read and try to find out more of what this lifestyle was about. And shortly after that, I decided to get certified as a personal trainer and a holistic sports nutritional consultant and practitioner. And it was around that time that I started Pro Healthy Choice.

Bryan (03:20.846)

I love it. That's you know, it's so interesting to hear. A lot of us have similar stories. Like it's that moment where you realize, hey, I just have to give this a try. And I haven't had anybody say like, it didn't give them that clarity and that that, you know, just feeling of, I don't know, just like being cleaned out or something like that. I don't know. So it's just amazing. I wish we could get more people.

to just give it that experiment for whether it's a weekend like you did it or 30 days like I did it, whatever it is that gets you started. So talk to us a little bit more about like that holistic approach, like it's in the sports nutrition and how does that differentiate from like the normal traditional methods?

Will Loiseau (04:03.76)

Yeah. So that's a good question because when I was doing my research online, because I had done research online for months before I started, you know, to take the course that I took. And I kind of had an idea. I was like, wow, this holistic movement has different branches. Right. And I was like, okay, let me evaluate all these different curriculums.

And some of the curriculums, I already knew that I didn't want to go in that direction. Because they were, I guess they were promoting foods that I just, I just didn't think were healthy. Right? So I decided to go to this school called the University of Natural Health. And they were more like a raw vegan lifestyle. And because I had already tried it,

I already knew that I already experienced some type of success doing it. So, you know, I said, okay, this is where I wanna go. So I read the whole curriculum, exactly everything that I was gonna study. And that's what I did to make my decision. You know, I already did the trial and error and, you know, I just went forward in that direction.

Bryan (05:26.926)

I love it. I think it's, it's, um, the right, the right model to, to integrate that all into it. And it's, and it's one of those things, like, I guess when I think about it, it's like the word diet has changed so much. Like you say diet, and I just think of like, Oh, this is something I'm going to do for six weeks or eight weeks or something. But we really have to get back to using the word diet the right way. Like it's a lifestyle change.

that you're gonna do for the rest of your life if we're successful at this. We wanna teach them how to build these repeatable patterns that they can use to maintain, to lose weight, build muscle, have a healthier everything, and go down this journey of something that's sustainable for them. So what are some of the things that you do to help ensure people and the lifestyle changes that you're taking them through stick in the long term?

Will Loiseau (06:22.256)

Yeah, so the most important thing that I've learned over time is to meet people where they are So at first when I started I guess like a lot of people who start this movement we have like these dogmatic perspectives and Yeah, yeah, so, you know, I learned through trial and error that that's not gonna really work so I've become more empathetic I meet people where they are and I'm

Bryan (06:38.798)

Everybody's gonna be vegan. Yeah.

Will Loiseau (06:51.6)

You know, one of the things I like about this lifestyle is that you really focus on getting to the cause of the problem, you know, and that's one of the things that deterred me with the other, I guess, the other ways of approaching this stuff. You know, I was against the whole medication, you know, medicating the problem and, you know, patching a problem with a band -aid, but finding what the cause of the problem is. So I tried to...

you know, get a good idea of what a person's current lifestyle is, you know, what are their current eating habits? What are their current movement habits? How is their current sleeping habits? You know, I try to get a more holistic approach. How much time are they spending outside? What is their current career path? Are they working from home? Are they commuting long, you know, long, you know, commutes to and from work?

What's their family life like? How many kids do they have? So I try to get a full perspective of what someone's going through and design something that can, you know, that could be beneficial for them in the long term, something that's realistic for them. And another thing is I understand that a lot of us just don't have a good relationship with food because we just weren't taught what to eat, why to eat it. So I try to give people a practical approach.

And once someone understands what they're doing and why they're doing it, then it becomes easier for them to keep doing it long -term. So these are some of the perspectives and some of the approaches that I try to get people to understand.

Bryan (08:34.542)

Absolutely. And like you must run into some of the myths that we see out there all the time. So what are some of the misconceptions that you see as you start on your nutrition and journey and wellness journey that you address right out the gate?

Will Loiseau (08:50.64)

Well, the first one that we all know is, you know, where are you going to get your protein? And yeah, so that was something that, you know, me personally, I had to go through myself because, you know, it sounds scary when you know what protein is, it's, you know, it's responsible for helping you to build and repair and, you know, people not people are telling you that you're not getting enough. So you get scared.

Bryan (08:55.022)

Where do you get your protein?

Bryan (09:05.07)

Mm -hmm.

Will Loiseau (09:15.024)

So that's one of them. Another thing is you're not going to get sufficient vitamins. You're not going to get sufficient nutrients. So I try to explain that, you know, whole plant foods contain all or most of the essential vitamins and minerals that we need. And if you like to eat, which most of us do, it does require you to eat more. So a mistake that I made and a mistake that a lot of people make is they don't eat the adequate amounts of

Volume and they end up feeling, you know hungry and then they feel like oh man It's not gonna work because my energy levels aren't where they used to be so I try to uh You know educate people on the differences between the stimulating foods and the satisfying foods So, you know, it is a learning curve because you're eating more water rich Nutrient rich fiber rich foods. So you're gonna have to go through some changes You're probably gonna be going to the bathroom a little bit more than you used to

Bryan (10:13.166)


Will Loiseau (10:14.448)

You know, some people are afraid of that, but I just break it down common sense. It's like, all right, if you're, for example, if you're suffering from, you have excess body fat, well, if that body fat's gonna leave the body, it's gonna leave the body through, you know, there's four ways of elimination. You have respiration, you have urination, defecation, you know? I mean, it has to go through the body, out the body some ways, shape or form.

So these are the things that I try to explain to people that your lifestyle is gonna change, but when you understand why and what changes are taking place, then it just makes it easier for you to stick with it long -term.

Bryan (10:56.302)

That's right. Yeah, I mean, and yeah, absolutely. And then I'm a technology guy. So I'm always curious, like, how do you integrate technology into monitoring and managing clients and helping them achieve their goals?

Will Loiseau (10:57.616)

on perspiration. I got the fork.

Will Loiseau (11:15.216)

Yeah, so one of the things that I've used is, I like the activity trackers. I think they're cool at the beginning. It helps you to just become more aware of how many steps you're taking and how many calories you're burning. I think that that's cool because most people are just not aware of that. How many hours you're sitting, because most of us are sitting way too much.

Bryan (11:40.494)


Will Loiseau (11:44.624)

I also use just a basic program called a chronometer. So I'll have people use that so they can track, you know, what they're eating. So they can get just a basic idea of what type of nutrients are in their food or are not available in their foods. And just give them a basic idea of, you know, the protein, you know, all the macronutrients, the fats and the carbohydrates. You know, that gives them...

that gives them a good idea. So they can become more involved with their actual day -to -day process because most of us just putting foods in our mouths and we're just not even thinking about what we're putting. We're just looking at labels. So yeah, just basic technology, but most of it that I've found beneficial is just the basic knowledge of what you're doing and why you're doing it.

Bryan (12:37.678)

I love it. Now you are not only the founder of of Pro Healthy Choice, but you're also a published author, right? You've got two books or three. Two, that's what that's what I thought. So you've got two books, so hit us with the titles and what what impact has being an author had on your business?

Will Loiseau (12:48.176)

I got two books, I'm working on the third.

Will Loiseau (13:00.176)

Okay, yeah, well the first book is Quake Hard Hope in Haiti. And that was about the situation that my family and I had during the 2010 earthquake, 7 .0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. And then the second book is called Young at Any Age, Secrets to Slowing the Aging Process. So I just put that one out this year. And that one has been...

a real eye -opener for a lot of people. And it's been getting a real good response because it's just my, you know, my journey, how I got here as far as what, you know, where I was before I made these lifestyle changes and where I'm at now. And, you know, this is a lot of practical advice that I give to people that they can apply to their lives immediately. And, um,

Yeah, there's just so many ways that we're prematurely aging ourselves and we're not aware, and I wasn't aware neither. So I just, you know, journaled and documented that whole experience.

Bryan (14:00.334)

Mm -hmm.

Bryan (14:08.814)

That's awesome. And I'm curious, like how, how has the book and, and what you're doing with pro health seed choice been able to help you go to the next level? Like how are you scaling pro healthy and how is the book helping?

Will Loiseau (14:24.944)

Yeah. So the book has just pretty much been, um, like a business card because, you know, a lot of people, they like to know that the person that's helping them can relate to what they're going through. Um, and, and that's pretty much what, what it is. So, you know, the book has allowed me to get into different in front of different audiences. So.

Bryan (14:29.582)

Mm -hmm.

Bryan (14:37.166)

Mm -hmm.

Will Loiseau (14:47.696)

One of the things I definitely look forward to doing more is public speaking. So I like to get in front of people that actually are going through situations like trying to lose excess body fat, trying to get in the best shape of their lives, especially as we get older. So Whole Healthy Choice definitely aligns with everything that's in the book. And yeah, so I just use it as a manual that can help people to see, okay, well, in...

you know, instead of going through all the trials and tribulations that I went through, this is just to, you know, avoid all that and just go straight to, you know, where you're trying to go to. Because a lot of us are suffering from the same issues.

Bryan (15:18.542)

Mm -hmm.

Bryan (15:25.134)

Yeah, we certainly are. And it's about just finding, you know, I think it's both being a mentee and a mentor. You know what I mean? Like you have to take what you know and help somebody else. And then you really need to find two or three people that you want to learn from and keep them in your orbit constantly. Right. So I think, you know, I commend you on all the work that you have accomplished. Starting a business is not easy. You have.

surpass the five year mark with your business when most businesses fail within the first five years and stuff. So what have been some of the challenges that you've faced as an entrepreneur trying to grow and bring this business to life?

Will Loiseau (16:07.088)

Yeah, I guess one of the toughest business issues would be funding. Funding is always an issue, but I guess the thing is that as an entrepreneur, you may have an original mission and it's kind of having patience with yourself to adjust the mission as you go along and to adapt to different changes that may take place, whether it be in...

Bryan (16:30.606)


Will Loiseau (16:36.112)

you know, technology or whether it be just where you are. So, you know, it's just adapting to change. I think that that would be one of the biggest challenges I've had, but I know that my core is to help people and my lifestyle, you know, we learn too. So just because, you know, where we consider ourselves healthier than the population doesn't mean that we're always changing as well.

So I'm always trying to stay on top of the latest research and trying to adapt with the changes. And yeah, that's the most challenging thing as a business owner is adapting to change.

Bryan (17:12.942)

Yeah, absolutely. Being able to pivot and try out new models and I call it failing fast on that front. Where do you see Pro Healthy Choice going in the next five years? And you have some new projects on the horizon. I think a third book is in the works.

Will Loiseau (17:28.016)

Yeah, so third book is definitely, I'm definitely working on that. That's gonna be health related as well. And I'd like to see Pro Healthy Choice, you know, get to a bigger level where I can have like an annual event and to just invite more people to learn about a healthier lifestyle, you know, in a non -judgmental environment. And I just think that education is the key.

You know, and I'm just trying to find different ways to educate people, right? Because books are great and I'm a writer. I'm a creative guy. I love to write, but I'm also exploring audio books as well, because there's a lot of people that like to just, you know, while they're driving around their cars or while they're, you know, walking around, they like to absorb information like that as well. So just looking for better ways and easier ways to get people the information.

Bryan (18:22.286)

I love it. So what advice would you give to somebody just starting out in your industry, the health and wellness aspects?

Will Loiseau (18:30.096)

I would say is to, I guess, know your why. You know, the thing that worked for me was to find something that was effective for me, but at the same time, understanding that we all have slight differences. So it's adapting to, you know, different people that you're going to meet in the course of your interactions.

Bryan (18:57.998)

I love it. I love it. Well, I think that you are well on your way here. So if you're in the Fort Lauderdale area and you want to hang out with Will in person, reach out to him. What can we do, Will, as a community to help you and what are the best ways to get in touch?

Will Loiseau (19:16.72)

Okay, definitely spread the word about ProHealthy Choice. The best way to get in contact with me would be trueironwill .com. That's where all my social media and all my websites are located. So that's trueironwill .com.

Bryan (19:34.638)

Awesome, so check out trueironwill .com and please reach out to Will. Thanks Will for being here. We enjoyed having you and learning a little bit more about what you got going on.

Will Loiseau (19:45.392)

Alright, thanks a lot, Bryan.

Bryan (19:47.438)

That's all the time we have for this episode of Plant Based on Fire. Thanks again, Will, for joining us and sharing some insights and experiences with us. And we will see you next time. Until then, keep that fire burning.



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