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Is my BEER vegan? Vegetarian? Or neither!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

As I learn more and more about this Vegan lifestyle, I’m finding myself saying more and more that I’m really just a vegetarian.

I would love to be a full vegan I think, however, the world needs to change more. We need to push for a few labels on those restaurant menus. Or put a sticker on that bottle of wine. Just so I can 100% know if it is vegan or not. Otherwise, my only course of action before I buy anything at a grocery store, restaurant, and multitude of other places is to get out my phone, search for it on Google, or take a wild guess.

You see beer, wine, and other drinks may have been processed in one way or another with animal products.

So if my goal is to remove animal proteins from my diet, then I supposed it is okay still. If my goal is to help the animals, well then it is not.

A good reference website I’ve found though is Barnivore Which is a growing database of vegan information about my favorite beverages.

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