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Tips on How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

Are you looking to switch to a plant-based diet? Then, this article is for

you! We know that shifting to a plant-based lifestyle can initially seem

daunting, but with the right information and a game plan, you can

make the transition exciting and fun! Below we’ve given some of our

top tips on how to start your plant-based journey!

1. It’s okay to go gradual - While some people are able to hop right

in, there is nothing wrong with taking things slow. A good game

plan is to start by eliminating two or three animal-based foods

and replacing them with a vegan alternative. For example, switch

your traditional sour cream with vegan sour cream on your next

taco night. Instead of meat chili, switch to a completely

plant-based bean chili. You can also start by just simply

increasing your consumption of whichever fruits and vegetables

you love. Add an extra serving of vegetables to your daily plate

or add some fresh fruit to your breakfast.

2. Learn to prepare your own food - If you’re not already savvy in

the kitchen, take the time to learn some helpful cooking skills.

Unless you have unlimited funds for food and live somewhere

with tons of vegan restaurants, preparing your own food at home

is key to making this lifestyle work. And who knows? Cooking

might just become your favorite hobby!

3. Stock up on healthy foods - A well-stocked kitchen is essential in

any plant-based household! Pick up a variety of vegetables and

fruits (both fresh and frozen), whole grains (like brown rice,

buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, and whole wheat sprouted and

sourdough bread), and legumes (like chickpeas, lentils, black

beans, tofu, and tempeh). When you have a variety of healthy

foods on hand, you're less likely to reach for junk food or head

out to your local fast food restaurant.

4. Plan and prepare your meals in advance - Planning and

preparing your meals in advance will make your day ten times

easier! This way instead of cooking after a long day at work or

school, you ́ll have delicious plant-based meals waiting for you

at home. We have a great article up on the blog already that

goes into detail about how to effectively meal prep, so make sure

to check that out!

5. Prioritize protein - Make sure to incorporate a source of

plant-based protein in all your meals. This will ensure that you’re

kept satisfied throughout the day. A common mistake new

plant-based eaters make is not paying attention to protein, and

then reporting that a plant-based diet “couldn’t keep them

satisfied”. Our favorite sources of plant-based protein are beans,

legumes, soy, nuts and seeds, and vegan protein powder!

6. Find restaurants around you that offer plant-based options -

While cooking at home is always fun, eating out is typically a part

of our culture. Sometimes you want to go out with friends or

family, so it’s nice to have a restaurant lined up that you know

will have options!

These are just a handful of tools that you can use to make the

beginning of your plant-based journey as easy as (vegan!) pie!


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