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Vegetarian Triathlete

I’ve been training for a couple years now at the sport of Triathlon. Swimming, cycling, and running. Having done numerous half marathons in the past, I know what kind of endurance it takes to do one of those as a vegetarian.

I have done several sprint and olympic level triathlons now as well. I love the bike ride part the best, who doesn’t? The wind in your hair and the thrill of passing a few people who just can’t pedal as fast as you.

The swim I know I need to practice more, but I push through it somehow. The last Olympic level one I did I had a small granola bar about 30 minutes before the start and I think that really helped me push and fuel through the swim.

The run used to be my favorite part, but lately it seems like all the runs wind up at the hottest part of the day, and I lose my steam. Still enjoyable, but when I overheat I just can’t run. 

Fueling is the key though. Start out with an amazing breakfast. I usually do oatmeal, bannana, and perhaps some kind of granola bar. My water bottles for the bike ride are electrolyte water (2x), and one flavored water of some kind, there are numerous out there so find one you like.

As I hop on the bike and get settled I usually do another granola bar of some kind. Then another one as I start the run. Some kind of caffeinated gu half way through the run to push me to the finish line.

Hope these few tips help with everyone else out there. And please do let me know if you have any tips for me, or questions!


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