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A Different New Years Resolution

Honestly if you are reading this you are probably already a vegetarian or vegan. My hope is that you are A REAL MAN EATING PLANTS. Please share this with others!

I started this blog over a year ago now to inspire men to take the leap with me towards a whole food plant based diet. So I got to thinking how can we shake things up in 2013.

What we need is not a standard routine for our typical new years list of things. You know the things like I’m going to run three times a week. Or I’m going to eat veggies only on Mondays.

What we need is a large scale life changing moment. You need to take this time of year with family, friends, relaxing and reflect on your life to date. You need to say I am not as active as I was in high school. I want to spend more time with my kids. I want to live a long healthy life. And as you are reflecting you realize you need to take the leap with me.

You need to find a goal that scares you a little bit. You need to find a goal that you think to yourself and say, that is almost impossible to achieve. You need to say something like, we can put a man on the moon.

Once you have that goal in mind, really seal it and cement it in. Start by telling everyone you know that I am going to do this, and I want your help to encourage and make me more accountable for it. You need to post on your own blog about it. You need to Facebook, and tweet out that I will achieve X.

Then do it. Start a whole food plant based diet with drastic change. Head straight to the refrigerator and throw away or donate every bit of food that doesn’t match your new goal. Sign up for the 10k or half marathon that you’ve been scared to do. Get the blood test to see your cholesterol levels. Commit to doing it.

At this point you’ve told everyone, and you’ve taken drastic steps. Now just work it backwards. You have 365 days left. Schedule the additional blood tests every three months. Write down an exercise schedule that is more and more aggressive. Or if your fit enough challenge yourself right away, do 5 miles and see how you feel, nice and slow but see if you even can. 

Change your mind set too. Don’t sit there and say man vegetables would really take the fun out of eating. Salads all the time? Really? 90% or more of the food on the planet is a vegetable. There is more variety in plant diet than I’ve ever in today’s grocery stores. The import several different kinds of coconuts nowadays from all over the world. When we were growing up there was only one.

Bottom line, make a huge, life changing resolution, and work towards it. No excuses. Real Men Eat Plants!


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