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We like to shatter stereotypes and redefine what it means to be Plant-Based - Unfiltered and unapologetic but always entertaining!

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We cater to a broad audience interested in plant-based living, green businesses, and captivating entertainment.

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Join us as we explore the stories of real men (and women) embracing a plant-powered lifestyle, discussing the benefits for physical and mental well-being, sustainability, and the broader impact on our planet.

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Ella Magers

Founder of
Sexy Fit Vegan

Maxime Sigouin.webp

Maxime Sigouin

Founder of
Fit Vegan Coach

Ella Magers.webp

Paul Chatlin

Founder and CEO of
Plant Based Nutrition
Support Group

Brett Christoffel.webp

Brett Christoffel

Founder and CEO
of All Yall’s Foods

Geoff Palmer.webp

Geoff Palmer

Founder and CEO
of Clean Machine

Tom Kramer.jpg

Tom Kramer

Editor and Producer of Nutmeg Notebook


Aspiring and thriving plant-based business owners tackle their inspiring journey to entrepreneurship and what keeps them going, their struggles and their future in the industry.

Melissa Kramer.webp

Melissa Kramer

Founder of Vegan Disney World

Nivi Jasa.webp

Nivi Jasa

Director of

Molly Elwood.webp

Molly Elwood

Founder of Elwood’s
Organic Dog Meat

Sandra Nomoto.webp

Sandra Nomoto

Ethical Marketer
& Book Whisperer

Danny Galliart.webp

Danny Galliart

Founder of Vegan Masters

Paul Shapiro Headshot 10-2023.jpeg

Paul Shapiro

CEO of The Better Meat Co

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Glen Merzer lives with the philosophy that he has two reasons to write: to make people laugh and to make people vegan. He has the same two reasons to podcast. This podcast is for open-minded individuals who are interested in veganism, climate change, and the destructive effects of animal agriculture, but also enjoy healthy cooking, theater, and culture.

Ed Beagley.webp

Ed Begley, Jr.

Actor and Environmental Activist

Brenda Davis.webp

Brenda Davis

Registered Dietitian
and Author

Gustavo Tolosa.webp

Dr. Gustavo Tolosa

Doctor in Musical Arts, Plant-Based Webinar Host & Producer

Sailesh Rao.webp

Dr. Sailesh Rao

Founder and Executive Director of Climate Healers

Dr. Columbus Batiste.jpeg

Dr. Columbus Batiste

Chief of Cardiology aka Healthy Heart Doc

Dr. Klaper.jpg

Dr. Michael Klaper

Physician, Consultant and Educator

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