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Carnivore chef’s pile on the Tofu.

I can always tell when I’m in the domain of some carnivore oriented restaurant. First of all all the salads on the list clearly list Chicken this, and steak that, and when you do order the salad without said protein content, they don’t offer a discount.

Panera Bread is a big offender in this category, since I love the fuji apple chicken salad, without the chicken, and ask for extra pecans instead. They charge me 0.29 more for extra pecans, yet don’t take anything off for the missing bird.

Getting back to my point, I love the asian food restaurants, and when you say no meat please, they say Tofu? I say yes, but light on the tofu and heavy on the vegetables. Still though they always come out with a “meat” size portion of Tofu on it, and skimp on the vegetables.

We need to prioritize that our vegetarian options are just as fair as the meat eater model, prices fairly, and not loaded with TOFU people, I’m a vegetarian, and dislike tofu in most situations.


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