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Darbster - Food we can all live with.

An amazing vegan restaurant in South Florida. I had the pleasure of eating there the other night for the first time, and what can I say it was spectacular!

First of all I love going to a restaurant where I can open an extensive menu and pour over it and really have a wide selection to choose from. Salads, to burgers, and some enticing main entrees too. 

We started off with the “wings” and hot sauce. Honestly this is the one dish I miss the most from my meat eating days. Buffalo Sauce. I crave that somehow, and dipping these scrumptious items into the sauce brought back many memories.

I actually wielded my fork around to everyone’s plate at dinner, and was able to try the Polenta Lasagna, Sliders, Cauliflower, and many more delicious items.

I will definitely be back. I encourage you to go and check it out!


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