• Bryan

Day Three: Tricked into eggs

Started out the day with a nice long run. The wife made me some delicious vegan pancakes, with raspberries on them. 99% like the real thing there, we’ll try out a few other recipes and confirm which is the best.

Lunch today was a house salad. I told them to hold the cheese, and go with a simpler dressing. When it arrived I found a hard boiled egg hiding in there. Man do I love those hard boiled eggs. What was I do do pick around it? At least next time I go, I know to ask them to hold that too.

Since we had such a busy evening planned. Dinner comprised of a stop at 7/11. I found an apple, a granola bar, and peanuts. Took some looking around, since even the carrots had ranch dressing with them, which has milk in it. Rounded out the night with a banana before bed, since I was hungry again.


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