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Describe your diet with one word:

Hegan - a man, who is a vegan, and proud of it.

Vegan - a person who does not use animals in any way, shape, or form. Food, clothing, and even honey. I’m still shocked at this one.

Beegan - it is like a vegan, except they love their honey.

Pescatarian - another form of vegan, except they will eat stuff from the sea.

Vegetarian - they stick to the vegetables, dairy, and food items that don’t require killing the animals.

Flexitarian - probably me at this point. I do my best to eat vegan when I can, but there are just those social situations that require the cheese, or honey, or other items that seem impossible to remove from a standard menu at times. Reduces the social awkwardness. 

I’m sure there are a tons more that I missed, but these are the ones I’ve heard as I delve into this lifestyle more.


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