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Donate Blood Time

In today’s day and age of social this, and meetup that, we have become one of the most networked societies on the planet. We know about Tom’s divorce moments after it is announced. We also know people are without power in the DC area due to the storm. We need to get back to helping each other a little bit more.

One of the best ways is by simply donating a pint or two a couple times a year. They make it super easy for you, and they give you a snack and usually a gift card or t-shirt. Not to mention the best part, statistics.

You get to know your blood type, you get to know your iron level, cholesterol, and a few other key indicators. It includes an HIV screening too in case you were nervous about that. You want to know these things so you can take preventative action if they are not correct.

On top of all of that you get to know you helped save someone’s life, the best part is you get to schedule it. You are scheduling time to save a life.

So if your reading this, obviously you love plants as much as I do, now go help some people live longer call right now: 1-800-733 2767 or


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