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Double Red Cell Donation

Double Red Cell Donation

It is that time of the year again. Blood donation time. I’m excited about this one because I have been a vegetarian now for almost five months. I’m looking forward to seeing how much my cholesterol has dropped now. I donated a few months back and noted my levels had dropped, and that was only one month after starting this new phase in my life.

The interesting part about this donation was I was asked to be a double red cell donation. It takes a little bit longer, since they extract the blood, filter out the red cells, and pump the plasma, white blood cells, and other items back in. That cycle repeats a few times, and in the end, you’ve given twice as much red blood cells as normal.

I again encourage you to find or organize a blood drive near your home or work and donate a couple of times a year. You can make a difference in this world, and this just one small way.


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