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Dr. Zach Burns: Leading the Way to Healthier Living with Plants

Updated: Mar 8

Welcome back to The Glen Merzer Show! Today, we're exploring the exciting world of plant-based medicine with the incredible Dr. Zach Burns. As a third-year family medicine resident with a Masters in Public Health, Zach dedicates himself to helping patients through his focus on nutrition and disease prevention.

 Zach is passionate about showing how eating more plants can keep us healthy and vibrant. Through his work with the non-profit Moving Medicine Forward, founded by Dr. Michael Klaper, he's helping medical students and professionals understand the importance of nutrition in fighting chronic diseases.

Teaming up with Dr. Klaper, an iconic figure in the plant-based community,  Zach is spreading the message far and wide of the importance of nutrition in medical education. Together, they continue the struggle against traditional medical education, which has always all but ignored the subject of nutrition, thereby in effect delivering to future doctors the false message that it can’t possibly be important.

In his chat with Glen,  Zach shares his own journey to veganism, driven by a desire to live ethically and sustainably. You can learn more about Zach's accomplishments and interests on his website,

 Zach's dedication to plant-based living is paving the way for a brighter, healthier future for all of us.  Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on The Glen Merzer Show, where laughter meets veganism, and together, we can embrace a healthier, plant-powered lifestyle.

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