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Elwood's Dog Meat: A Satirical Activist's Journey to Raise Vegan Awareness

In the world of plant-based business and entrepreneurship, there are pioneers who approach their mission with a unique twist. Molly Elwood, the mastermind behind the infamous Elwood's Dog Meat, is one such entrepreneur who has captivated both plant eaters and meat lovers alike. In our latest episode of the Plant Based On Fire podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Molly to dive deep into her unconventional activism and the impact it has had on the plant-based movement.

The Unconventional Industry

Molly Elwood's journey takes a surprising turn as she introduces us to her "local organic dog meat farm," Elwood's Dog Meat. The twist? It's all a clever ruse to spark conversations about animal ethics, veganism, and the ethical treatment of animals. The idea may sound audacious, even offensive, but it's precisely this shock value that makes Molly's approach so effective.

Flavor Profiles and Ethics

One might wonder how she manages to convince people that they're consuming dog meat. Molly explains that her content is infused with humor and relatability. She humorously describes the "flavor profiles" of different dog breeds compared to traditional meats, adding a dash of absurdity to the mix. But underneath the humor lies a serious message: ethical alternatives to factory farming are crucial.

The Activism Behind the Ruse

Elwood's Dog Meat is not just a prank; it's a platform for activism. Molly cleverly uses this ruse to engage people in conversations about the animals they consume versus the animals they cherish as pets. Her aim is to bridge the gap in people's minds, helping them recognize the ethical inconsistencies in their choices. By starting conversations, she encourages people to question their food choices and consider more compassionate alternatives.

Facing Backlash and Challenges

With her unconventional approach, Molly is no stranger to controversy and backlash. From social media bans to rejections from print shops, she's faced numerous challenges. However, Molly embraces these challenges as opportunities for activism. She turns every interaction, even with those who push back, into a conversation about veganism and animal ethics.

Measuring Success and Impact

While Molly has encountered opposition, her impact cannot be denied. Her website,, has reached millions of people since its inception. She measures success not just by impressions but by visitors who engage with the content, dive into FAQs, and explore resources on veganism. Molly believes that her approach appeals to those with a deep connection to animals, making them more likely to stick with veganism in the long run.

The Future of Elwood Dog Meat

Molly's journey has been driven by her passion for animals and her desire to effect change. She continues to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of activism. While Elwood's Dog Meat is a playful facade, its mission is serious: to encourage ethical eating and compassion toward animals.

Molly Elwood's unique approach to activism, wrapped in humor and absurdity, is making waves in the plant-based community. Her dedication to sparking conversations and challenging people's perceptions is a reminder that creativity and unconventional methods can be powerful tools for change. As she continues to unmask the truth behind the ruse, we eagerly anticipate the impact she will have on the plant-based movement in the years to come.


Bryan (00:00.936)

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Plant Based on Fire, where we talk about plant based businesses and their inspiring stories to thrive in the industry. We're taking a completely different twist and I just had to get this guest on the show here with us because it is a very unique industry that you're in. And I think one that not only offends us plant basers, but also offends even the meat eaters to a little bit. So welcome Molly to the show. Tell us more about Elwood's dog meat.

Elwood's Dog Meat (00:29.242)

Hi. Hey, thanks so much for having me. Yeah, no, we definitely press buttons for both plant eaters and meat eaters alike. We are a local organic dog meat farm. We've been running since 1981. We are family owned, second generation, and we are offering people an ethical alternative to factory farmed meat, which is meat made from dogs for people.

Bryan (00:56.144)

Yeah. And so it's, it's organic and stuff, but I don't think many of our listeners have, have tried dog meat. Can you tell us more about the flavor profiles there?

Elwood's Dog Meat (00:59.784)

It is organic.

Elwood's Dog Meat (01:05.206)

No. Yeah. So we offer Labradors and Corgis as well as a bunch of other breeds. They are very similar in flavor to beef, pork, chicken. It just depends on which breed and how you prepare them. You know, you use a lot of herbs and spices the same way you cook any other meat.

And it is better for the planet because they do have a smaller carbon footprint and they are more heart healthy. They're lower in cholesterol. So it is a great alternative for people who are not ready to go vegan.

Bryan (01:41.372)

Yeah. And I'd have to say, where do we go from there? Really? I mean, you've said it all. So check out Elwood's dog meat and learn more about the amazing dog meat farm you have up there. Perfect. And so with that, I think we can let the ruse go on that front. Tell us tell us the real truth behind this here.

Elwood's Dog Meat (01:51.079)


Elwood's Dog Meat (01:55.142)


Elwood's Dog Meat (02:00.767)


Elwood's Dog Meat (02:06.839)


So Elwood Dogmeat is a activism website. It's made to help people address their cognitive dissonance about the animals they put on their plate versus the animals that sleep on their beds. It's not real. It is just a website and social media and I've been running it for two years now.

Bryan (02:26.672)

Wow, so not founded since 1981 then. Yeah.

Elwood's Dog Meat (02:29.35)

No, no, not at all. No, not even second generation. And there are no dogs. I'm not, yeah.

Bryan (02:35.364)

Well, I'm very relieved to hear that, but I guess two quick things that I do like to point out to my meat eater friends that they have to take some of the best vegetables to season their meat and make it taste better. So I liked you pointing that out. I almost wanted to take a little twist on that road and say, well, you got to make the plants on the animal to make it taste better.

Elwood's Dog Meat (02:49.634)


Elwood's Dog Meat (02:56.122)

Yeah, I know. I always love saying that. I really like, um, I don't share a lot of recipes just because I feel it's too, I don't know, it strays too much from the point. But at the same time, whenever I do it, I always choose recipes that have a lot of good or profiles so you can be like, oh, it tastes like garlic. It tastes like rosemary.

Bryan (03:10.14)

Yeah. Some of the best. And then I was going to go down a little rabbit hole there with you instead of say the smaller the dog, the more it tastes like chicken maybe, or I don't know. Yeah.

Elwood's Dog Meat (03:21.218)

Yeah, yeah, that's why I chose to wow as his chicken. And yeah, I tried to match what you might suspect, you know, and it's really, it's really interesting to like, when I my social account is um, picture stock pictures of meat next to stock pictures of dogs and trying to be like, I think this one would be a white meat. I don't know why. And I yeah, it just gets kind of gross, but I passed the time.

Bryan (03:45.916)

Yeah. Well, congrats on your, your successful thing. Like I do think real many plants and what we're doing with our little podcast network is, uh, slightly polarizing, you know, just putting it out there. Real men eat plants, but you have taken it to like the highest extreme that I could think of here. So what, what led you, what was your personal journey to take you on this journey and say, Hey, I've got to create this website.

Elwood's Dog Meat (03:54.496)


Elwood's Dog Meat (03:59.431)

Yeah, right.

Elwood's Dog Meat (04:11.39)

You know, it's funny, I often tell the story about how it was that I wanted to make a bumper, a vegan bumper sticker that would help people think about veganism in a different way. And I didn't see a bumper sticker that I liked, and so I just decided to make my own. And my husband and I thought that Elwood Dog Meat was really funny to make it look like we were selling it, and Elwood's our last name. But really what's funny is I do think what—

Bryan (04:23.209)


Elwood's Dog Meat (04:38.174)

Kickstart like I we I sat on this idea for like a year and I didn't do anything with it I but what really kickstarted it was I think it was 4th of July and I was watching I was I was traveling for and I was in a hotel and it was like the Drew Barrymore show was on and They had they just did a hot dog tasting contest, you know a hot dog You know, like can you tell which one is what our 4th of July hot dogs? and then they had a dog on dressed in 4th of July outfit and it was like

Bryan (04:59.848)

Yeah, 4th of July. Yeah.

Bryan (05:06.56)


Elwood's Dog Meat (05:08.67)

it's, you know, Rover's fifth, fourth of July outfit and here's what he's wearing. And I was so livid. I was like, to do this back to back with the hot dogs, I was like, that's it. When I got home from that trip, I built the website. I was just, it's driven by anger.

Bryan (05:25.552)

Yeah, I mean, and each of us have our own little story on that front. Like me, I walked out of forks over knives and said, I've got to change my health. Right. And I bought the domain name and, you know, you know, I've been down the health path so long now, and then I went down the

Elwood's Dog Meat (05:29.803)


Elwood's Dog Meat (05:33.646)

Mm-hmm. Yeah.


Bryan (05:42.324)

the environmental path and I'm slowly coming around to the animal side. Like I don't want to see the animals getting harmed, but it's been always my third choice on that front. But one of those three messages brings people into this, this lifestyle, I think. So congrats. And I really appreciate you building the site and pushing it out there. The few friends I've shown it to have been an abject horror when they look at it. And so I'm just like, well, I don't understand why. I mean, we're looking at the brown cows versus the black Angus and all that kind of stuff. You talk about their qualities.

Elwood's Dog Meat (05:43.645)


Elwood's Dog Meat (05:47.263)


Elwood's Dog Meat (05:50.648)


It does. Yeah.

Elwood's Dog Meat (06:03.003)


Elwood's Dog Meat (06:10.407)


Bryan (06:12.618)

Why shouldn't it apply to any animal on the planet really right so? So how do you feel like you know? Elwood stog me is contributing to that plant-based movement and encouraging people to come towards the veganism lifestyle

Elwood's Dog Meat (06:15.279)


Elwood's Dog Meat (06:27.166)

Yeah, so I have this thought and I think I'm sure that everybody who, whichever way brought you to veganism is probably the thing that you think that's the thing that'll make it stick. And I, for me, because I came in through the animal pathway, you know, when I went vegan, I thought that I was just going to die. I was like, well, I hadn't looked into any of the health aspects. And I was just like, well, I guess I'm, I'm just going to just waste away, but I can't, you know, I can't contribute to this.

Bryan (06:36.66)



Bryan (06:46.851)


Elwood's Dog Meat (06:54.118)

Or, and basically I thought it wouldn't stick and I wouldn't be vegan for very long. But when I saw the health benefits, I was like, oh my God, what a boon, what a benefit on top of all of that. But so for me, because it is the animal aspect, the people that I am catching in this ruse that end up messaging me and saying they're gonna go vegan or they're going to reduce the animals that they're eating.

Bryan (07:04.585)


Elwood's Dog Meat (07:20.374)

are animal lovers and there are people who have their dog, you know, right next to them when they read the website and it really makes that connection for them. And so I think that, for me, I think that people coming in through the animal aspect, who have that as their, as their, you know, kind of reason for being animal people or animal people, no matter what, I think that they'll stick with it longer because it is the...

Bryan (07:28.78)


Bryan (07:42.076)


Elwood's Dog Meat (07:47.042)

The ethical arguments I find are the only ones that are, you can see them, you see an animal suffer and you see that you don't have to eat it and the answer's clear, whereas I think things get muddier when it comes to health because I think that, don't hate me, I think that you could probably live a healthy life and eat some animal products. I don't think that is arguable and I think the environmental aspects, obviously on a massive scale.

are huge, but I don't think that people care about it enough. I mean, I care about it a lot, but if I go somewhere and they still hand me a styrofoam cup, I will, yeah. So it's, yeah, so I think that the animal stuff is inarguable, and so I think that when I, the people that are coming to veganism through Elwood Dogmeat are people who are going to maybe even become activists because they felt that emotion too, that, so, yeah.

Bryan (08:22.505)


Bryan (08:37.052)

Yeah. No, I mean, I think that's, that's a key message. Like we, it's, it's that moderation path to degree, even if I can't get you to give up the meat, can you just do it once a month? I mean, that would be a huge change on this planet. Um, and it, I, I think most people don't realize a good portion of this earth is vegetarian, at least, uh, on that front, cause there isn't enough meat produced to feed everybody right now. But so

Elwood's Dog Meat (08:47.691)



Elwood's Dog Meat (08:57.106)

Right, right. We can have dog free Mondays.

Bryan (09:03.34)

Exactly. So I have to say again, congrats. Like as a person who's building up his podcast and his social media accounts and just getting started to a degree, you have a massive number of impressions and followers and stuff. What do you think is the secret to that? I mean, is it just the pure outrageousness of it or?

Elwood's Dog Meat (09:09.94)


Elwood's Dog Meat (09:16.725)


Elwood's Dog Meat (09:23.754)

I mean, yeah, I think it is. I think that there are, there's a lot of things at play. There is the humorous aspect that you can't deny. It's funny. I have a lot of meat eaters who share my content just because, especially because they think it makes vegans look funny and ridiculous. And I'm really willing to be the butt of their jokes because they then share it with their friends who then go through the experience. So.

Bryan (09:33.332)


Bryan (09:39.36)

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Bryan (09:45.873)


Elwood's Dog Meat (09:47.938)

Being shareable by a large group of people, I think is helpful. So that would mean, even stepping away from talking about dog meat is it needs to be, it needs to reach a wide audience. You can't just preach to vegans and you can't just preach to meat eaters. Then there's the shock value. People see my stuff and they need to share it. They can't even think about it. They're just so upset that they share it without even going down the hole.

And then dogs, people love dogs. They love dog stuff. Anything like dog related, I think, I mean, cat related would be too. So I think that we, you know, we love sharing animal videos and things like that. And I think that, you know, you see sanctuaries can do a lot of good by sharing really great animal content. So I think that there's a way, I'm sure that you can, that can be done with the health content too, is like, how do you reach people?

Bryan (10:37.758)


Bryan (10:45.81)


Elwood's Dog Meat (10:46.518)

But also, I mean, but here's the thing is you are, you already are trying to do kind of a bit of a trolly thing. And so stuff then goes viral because it's aggressive, you know, so it's finding your voice and being like, what are you willing to do and what are you willing to stick to? So if you want to be a troll, go full troll.

Bryan (10:55.133)

Yeah, yeah.

Bryan (11:03.972)

That's right. Yeah. Well, again, like just very, very impressive on the way you're growing and launching it. What what? How do you measure that success of the project? I mean, obviously, the humor angle in my alone is just what it's driving that wholeheartedly. I wish we could find more humorous content about this. So the trolling. I love all that. But how are you?

Even if one out of 10 people that share it, like seriously consider it or look into it, like you're having a huge impact on it. So how are you measuring that success?

Elwood's Dog Meat (11:35.828)



I'm measuring it by impressions and visits to the website specifically because I think that like it's one thing to share something on social media but if they're not clicking on the link and they're not visiting the website and actually going through that journey, they're missing it. The website is full of, I have FAQs which is, I've taken from Ed Winters arguments for veganism so people can go and explore that. There is a resources page that has...

Bryan (11:51.357)


Elwood's Dog Meat (12:08.802)

all the things about it, like why you go vegan for the planet, for your health, for the animals, for the people. And so I'm measuring people going to see those things as well. And so I have had 3 million independent, what is the word, individual users visit the website since July 2021. And I think that that's huge, especially because this started off as me just being one person. This was what I did in my free time outside of, and you know, I'd go to work and then at night and during my lunch break, I would do this. So

Bryan (12:12.785)

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Bryan (12:17.386)


Bryan (12:36.926)


Elwood's Dog Meat (12:37.526)

for me as one person to have reached three million people is much better than when I was just like, thank you. It's much better than when I was just, you know, I had a little box in front of my house. I lived across from Trader Joe's and I had a little, I got one of those relitter boxes and I painted it and I said vegan stuff and I put things in there and I'll be like, somebody took a brochure. So this is great, yeah.

Bryan (12:55.752)


Bryan (13:00.084)

Uh, yeah. Hey, we all have to find our path to change the world. So, so I am curious cause I have a lot of cat lovers in my friends network. When is the cat website coming out?

Elwood's Dog Meat (13:03.719)

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Elwood's Dog Meat (13:08.146)

Yes. So what's funny is there are two different cat, um, cat meat, like homage pages people have made on Facebook and websites. Uh, happy, happy cat paws farm. I don't know if you just look up cat meat, you'll find it. Yeah. Um, I was going, like when I started off, I was like, I'm going to do cats, but I thought cats were too funny and it was too obvious. And I don't think that cat lovers would believe it. Whereas dog lovers are just

Bryan (13:23.612)

Yeah, it'll pop it.

Bryan (13:29.852)


Bryan (13:35.229)


Yeah, devote for sure. Yeah. And so I am sure you've had backlash and challenges from organizations and stuff. Um, how do you approach that? I mean, I just, I just saw a video this morning of a gentleman along the side of the street, just showing the animal farming videos and, and the police came up to him and said, you can't be showing this here. And it's like, why, what, what rules am I violating here? So I'm sure you've seen it.

Elwood's Dog Meat (13:39.147)

Yes, yes.

Elwood's Dog Meat (13:49.755)


Elwood's Dog Meat (14:01.549)


Yeah, I've had, you know, in addition to like, I like to share on my, on my social media accounts, I love to share that the I have a phone number so people can call and leave me death threats and stuff and I get messages and emails and stuff. But you know, it's interesting from a it's kind of like the meta story that is harder to tell from Elwood's which is me trying to get Elwood's ads places.

Bryan (14:14.845)


Elwood's Dog Meat (14:27.834)

or trying to do things and working with businesses. And I write them. And even I had a print shop refuse to print my signs for Vegandale. Because first off, he thought it was real. And then when I told him it wasn't real, he said, well, how do I know you're not just telling me it's not real in order to make me print the signs? And I was like, look at the website. And actually, I just remembered now. I recorded this conversation. And I then had vegan outreach with the owner of a print shop as he discussed all the reasons why he's not vegan.

Bryan (14:45.309)



Elwood's Dog Meat (14:56.13)

So whenever I have any interactions with any business, I always turn this into a conversation about veganism, it's a chance for activism. And I'm going to this week publish. So in June, I had an ad on the London Underground and the London Underground refused to run the ad. They turned it down four times. And the fourth time or something, I sent them, I sent them kind of like a Jerry Maguire email being like, you.

Bryan (15:15.634)


Elwood's Dog Meat (15:24.37)

you advertise things all the time that don't really make a difference. You know, your job is, I work in advertising. I know when you get the chance to do something that could make a difference, don't you want to jump on it? And this could really reach and change the lives of millions, billions of animals and people. And why not? And they change their mind. And so it's like, I find it's very interesting. Anytime someone pushes back, that is like a.

Bryan (15:44.979)


Elwood's Dog Meat (15:53.534)

It's like a notification of vegan thinking. Like, yeah, the stigma of it.

Bryan (15:56.3)

stigma the stigma and the cultural biases that we're preconceived with right like you and I know there are plenty of places outside of America that eat horse on a regular basis but if we were to try and publish a horse ad it wouldn't it wouldn't go anywhere right

Elwood's Dog Meat (16:00.495)

Yeah, yeah.

Elwood's Dog Meat (16:06.718)

Right, right. Mm-hmm, yeah. Yeah, and it was interesting because they said the words that the London Underground said were, they said that this would be distressing to many people. And I said, is it not distressing to see, I mean, as I'm showing the same pictures of meat, it is just beef, I'm just showing you beef. And if the idea of it not being beef distresses you, like, so.

Bryan (16:32.572)


Elwood's Dog Meat (16:33.942)

And that's actually why what they agreed to was I had to put a big disclaimer at the bottom that I wasn't allowed to run the ad as though I wanted to, which was just selling dog meat, make you go to the website. It had to say at the bottom, I had the line of, if this fake ad for a fake farm upsets you, maybe you're vegan. Yeah.

Bryan (16:45.544)


Bryan (16:52.36)

visit. Yeah. So I've I'm just so curious. Have you tried to run a Google ad or any digital ads? I'm sure you've gotten blocked from that too.

Elwood's Dog Meat (17:00.894)

So not digital. Yeah, I try not to do digital ads because I'm so nervous about getting my website. I am a copywriter. I'm very much just venturing into the business aspect of this and because I've had things taken down before. Like I'm not willing to try a Facebook ad and risk my 75,000 followers for just doing this because I'm like.

Bryan (17:10.688)

Ahem. Mm-hmm.

Bryan (17:21.86)

Having had, I had 12,000 on real many plants and I pushed the envelope and got it banned. So yeah, so yeah.

Elwood's Dog Meat (17:27.31)

Oh God, oh God, yeah, my Instagram account got banned last month and I lost 15,000 followers and now I have like 1,200 and that's very sad. But yeah, so what I do instead is I've done some billboards. I did a mobile billboard in Vegas last year which was really fun and it was really hard to find somebody like who would be willing to run that. And I found an independent guy who was just like...

Bryan (17:34.94)


Bryan (17:49.397)


Elwood's Dog Meat (17:55.626)

I'll take your money, whatever. But his caveat was during the daytime, he drove around with my Elwood ad, but at night he was sharing the ad with other people. And he's like, these other advertisers are not wanting to be next to your dog meat ad. And I said, so what if I made a stop Elwood's dog meat ad? And so at night I ran this anti-dog meat ad that went to Elwood dog meat anyway.

Bryan (17:57.137)


Elwood's Dog Meat (18:22.914)

So they still went to it and he was willing to do that. And then I've had some volunteers donate money to run billboards on, there's digital billboards. So that way there's a lot less oversight. I don't know if anyone ever saw it. And so it ran in Florida and in Buffalo.

Bryan (18:23.402)


Bryan (18:34.985)


Bryan (18:39.572)

Wow. I would have to say the idea that's popping in my head is you really should partner with all the vegfests across the country. Like I'm planning on going to the one here in Charlotte and just get a nice ad right outside, right outside every vegfest with the nice billboard advertising it. And, and cause you know, so many meat eaters go to the vegfest just to check it out and

Elwood's Dog Meat (18:48.759)


Elwood's Dog Meat (18:56.414)

Yeah, I would love to do that. Yeah. I would love that. Well, so I've been, it is hard since I am one person. And so this year I committed to Vegan Dale, which is a vegan festival that is in a lot of different cities. And it is amazing because yeah, it's like 25% of the people are vegan and all the rest are vegetarian, or not vegetarian, meat eaters are vegetarians.

Bryan (19:17.564)


Elwood's Dog Meat (19:20.05)

And they come to my booth with their dogs and my booth looks like I'm selling dog meat and it says free samples. And people come up to it thinking that I'm selling samples for like dog, of dog food. So they'll show up with their dog or they'll get it and they'll be like, what is this? Because it's just, it's so hokey and real looking. I've made a bunch of like low key banners and things. So the conversations are amazing in person. Like, and we just, we, we just play it straight and pretend like we're selling dog meat. And

Bryan (19:24.82)


Bryan (19:31.77)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Bryan (19:41.853)


Elwood's Dog Meat (19:50.066)

Activists can now do this. I have all this stuff on my website so you can download the banners and the brochures and stuff and activists have been doing these outreach things that are just Love they're really good at videotaping them. So if you look up any dog meat tastings, those are great

Bryan (20:02.816)


Bryan (20:06.652)

I'll definitely have to check that out for sure. I know we are trying to keep this podcast a little bit shorter on the format wise. I feel like we've only grazed the surface of where Elwood Dogmeat is heading and stuff, but tell us a little bit more of, how can people find out more, support you in your efforts and help you grow this outrageous empire that you're building here.

Elwood's Dog Meat (20:08.395)


Elwood's Dog Meat (20:13.303)


Elwood's Dog Meat (20:18.325)


Elwood's Dog Meat (20:26.518)

Oh yeah. I was just going to pull up my... So you can find me on and Facebook is Elwood Dog Meat, Twitter ElwoodDogMeat, Instagram now is... What is my new Instagram account? My new Instagram account is ElwoodDogMeats, unfortunately. And you can support me on Patreon with it, which is Elwood Farms. I'm using that money again for advertising to try and pay for web stuff.

things like that so we can keep going and building and reach more activists specifically going forward is helping them use this in their campaigns. And also I do have Farm Merch if you're interested. I have t-shirts and stickers and stuff like that on the website.

Bryan (20:55.844)


Bryan (21:10.672)

Awesome. And so, um, would love to have you back on in six months or a year from now and check in with you again and see where, where things are at and growing. And we've got some, some other podcasts that I think you'll be on as well here as part of our network. So, uh, congratulations. And I really love it. I think out of.

Elwood's Dog Meat (21:19.01)


I would love that. Thank you.

Bryan (21:27.844)

all the websites that I steer people towards if they're open to it, you know, I'll buy them the cookbook or whatever, but the one, they're not open to it. I start with your website and just sort of say, Hey, well, go watch this and let's talk about the ethical sides of it. So we'll try and get your Instagram followers back up to where they should be. So.

Elwood's Dog Meat (21:31.631)


Elwood's Dog Meat (21:39.309)

I appreciate that. Thank you.

Elwood's Dog Meat (21:44.13)

Thank you, yeah. Thanks very much for having me. This is great.

Bryan (21:49.064)

Well, that is all the time we have for this episode of Plant Based on Fire. Thank you so much, Molly, I would for joining us and sharing your insights and experiences with our community until next time. Let's keep those fires burning.



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