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Empowering Change, One Shirt at a Time: How Brent Hagood's One To Save Many is Revolutionizing Animal Welfare

In the heart of the plant-based community, Brent Hagood, founder of One To Save Many, stands out as a beacon of innovation and compassion. Merging his passion for vegan bodybuilding with a deep commitment to animal welfare, Brent's journey is a testament to the power of one individual's efforts to spark widespread change.

One To Save Many began as a simple act of kindness, transforming into a global movement dedicated to supporting animal welfare organizations. Through the sale of ethically sourced, vegan-themed apparel, 100% of profits are funneled directly to sanctuaries, rescues, and charities tirelessly working to protect and care for animals in need.

Brent's initiative highlights a critical message: being vegan is just the beginning. True impact requires action—whether it's volunteering, donating, or simply spreading awareness about the plight of animals worldwide. His story, featured on Plant Based on Fire, serves as an inspiring call to action for the plant-based community and beyond.

As we rally behind Brent and One To Save Many, we're reminded of the collective power we hold. Together, we can not only support animal welfare but also challenge and change the systems that perpetuate cruelty. Let's join Brent in making a tangible difference: one shirt, one donation, one act of kindness at a time.

Visit to support the cause and become part of a compassionate community driving lasting change for animals everywhere. In Brent's words, it all starts with one—to save a few, a few to save many, and many to save the world.


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Bryan (00:00.654)

Hello everybody and welcome to another amazing episode of Plant Based on Fire, where we talk about plant based businesses and their inspiring stories to thrive in our industry. I am your host Bryan and joining us today is Brent Hagood. He is the founder of One to Save Many, the charity that not only raises vital funds, but also awareness around animal cruelty, inspiring others to take action. And welcome to the show Brent. Thanks for being here.

Brent Hagood (00:30.901)

Hey, Bryan, thank you so much for having me. Excited to be here.

Bryan (00:34.286)

is I forget there was a couple different people that I've been talking to over the past year or so that have all mentioned you and I was so excited when we got in touch and were able to connect and get you on the show. So, but let's, let's start like a little bit back at the beginning here, like what inspired you to start one to save many and, and how does your journey as another vegan bodybuilder out there influence this venture?

Brent Hagood (00:59.477)

Well, it kind of was a weird thing. It started as a pay it forward. I like actually not even like just a pay it forward for animals, but I was going and giving baristas and Starbucks gift cards and just telling them, when somebody comes in, that looks like they're having a bad day, buy them a cup of coffee. And that just eventually kind of evolved into, hey, I wonder if I could do a pay it forward for animals. So I had made.

100 shirts, I don't know if you've ever seen the hashtag vegan shirt, but made 100 of those shirts. I sent them to a bunch of my friends, vegan, you know, fitness friends on Instagram, free of charge, and I just asked them that, you know, when they got the shirts, they just donate to their local charity, whatever they, you know, whatever they thought it was worth. And it was, it was magical. Like, I mean, because one, it's amazing how many people don't think about donating to charity. So that was probably the...

Bryan (01:31.822)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brent Hagood (01:55.905)

biggest thing about it, like all these people for the first time started donating to their local charities. They found local charities. They got that good feeling that you get when you donate to a charity. You know, on top of that, now you have all these fit vegans that were wearing a shirt that said vegans on it going to their gym. So like that was kind of the, that was kind of the birth of it. And I, to tie into your question about like, you know, the vegan bodybuilding, that's kind of turning vegan bodybuilders into walking billboards is like kind of.

Bryan (02:04.91)


Brent Hagood (02:24.757)

was a, initially when I started this, I wanted to find ways to raise money for sanctuaries, but that's kind of become an equal part is showing people that you can be big and muscular and fit and be a vegan because the vegan PR person hasn't done a good job and people don't see, people don't see like bodybuilders is being vegan, the protein deficiency. So yeah.

Bryan (02:42.606)

That's right.

Bryan (02:49.966)

Great. Yeah. I love it. We have Geoff Palmer on the Real Men Eat Plants podcast now and then, and he's always showing us the guns. So it's awesome. Yeah. Well, um, exactly, exactly. So, um, well, like, so what it's, it's evolved through this pay it forward kind of a thing. And so what, what is it today? You know, one to save many, what would you say is its core mission?

Brent Hagood (02:57.335)


Yeah, yeah, breaking that spirit.

Bryan (03:17.902)

as you try to impact animal welfare.

Brent Hagood (03:20.917)

It's a good question. And I will tell you, I feel like it changes week to week, maybe, maybe not week to week, but definitely month to month, uh, you know, cause in the beginning, you know, my main thing is I just wanted to raise money for sanctuaries and it's, I feel like, and I hate saying this, but it's the truth. Um, sanctuaries are the symptom of the bigger problem, which is factory farming. So now. Like.

Bryan (03:26.286)


Bryan (03:34.638)


Brent Hagood (03:49.489)

I see how big that problem is and I feel like the only way that that's ever going to change is if you start to hit it at the head at the factory farming. So I feel like getting the word out there is almost slightly more important than the benefit of sharing our profits with sanctuaries. I feel like people getting out there, getting the word out there, people leading by example.

you know, wearing vegan shirts and like, you know, meeting other vegan people. I mean, I feel like the movement that is like coming out of One to Save Many is becoming larger than its initial purpose, which was trying to raise money for sanctuary. So, and also networking. One thing, one amazing thing about this is I've met so many, yourself included, so many amazing people, like, you know, you know.

Bryan (04:29.198)


Bryan (04:38.766)


Brent Hagood (04:41.685)

It's just bringing people together. Like everybody sees the opportunity here and everybody wants to help and everybody brings something different to the table. And I think if that keeps happening, it's gonna grow even faster.

Bryan (04:54.318)

Absolutely. That is, that is just awesome. I it's that, and I forget the name of the campaign. Cause so I'm, I'm a fractional chief technology officer for, for my job. And so I work with a lot of companies and, and I always try to raise awareness, you know, every November about, uh, prostate cancer and, you know, let's grow our mustaches for prostate cancer. So like the same concept, you, you should check that. I forget the name of that, that, uh, program, but

Brent Hagood (05:15.973)

Yeah. That's awesome.

Bryan (05:22.542)

Whatever that is, they, they had the same beginnings as you. And so that's really evolved into something that, that they're taken to the next level. So that that's.

Brent Hagood (05:30.625)

Please send that to me. I am curious about that. I do love that idea.

Bryan (05:34.35)

Yeah. I mean, it's just, just that, that amazing concept. I know I, I had a breakfast meeting, so I haven't changed out of my formal gear today, but I usually, yeah, I usually wear my, my vegan shirts everywhere I go too. So, uh, spreading the word. So I think that's, that's just awesome on that front. And, and so like the, the concept, you know, has evolved into you having this five Oh one C three now you're, you're sending out.

Brent Hagood (05:42.518)

I feel really under stress right now.

Bryan (06:03.598)

more shirts and getting more donations for the charities and stuff. How do you kind of pick, you know, which charities that you, you want your sales to benefit or you, you really leave it up to the people that are getting the shirts and what, what is you've already touched on a little bit, but what's been some of the bigger impacts you've had so far.

Brent Hagood (06:22.145)

Well, so in the beginning, when we first started doing this, it was like every single shirt that was sold, like we would let the person like pick actually, you know, which charity they wanted their money to go to. And that quickly was just way too much. Like that was just way too much work. So what we ended up doing is we started like picking a charity at the end of every month to donate the money to. And that's currently what we do now. But I will tell you that in itself is overwhelming. Because...

The amount of work that we put in to make such a small amount of money to be able to donate and then to be able to like pick the sanctuaries and right now, like sanctuaries are struggling everywhere. Like they're just, I mean, there's, there's not enough people that are donating to them. So, and because we, it takes us so much effort to make so little money, we want to make sure that the amount of, or whatever charity that we're giving to like is, you know, managing their money correctly. So.

There's this third party that we're recently been talking to, which does accreditation for sanctuaries. And our plan is to start working with them because we can make sure that when we're donating our money, that we know that whoever's getting it is using the money to maximize the benefit for the animals.

Bryan (07:40.686)

Yeah, absolutely. And it's, and it's interesting because like, do you know all y'all's foods down in Texas? So you should reach out to Brett Christoffel. He's the owner down there. All y'all's foods. He's trying to, obviously Texas is one of the biggest meat producing states and he's, and so he, he sells, he sells the, the vegan jerky basically, right? The plant based jerky. And so he's trying to be the biggest alt meat.

Brent Hagood (07:47.674)

I don't.

Brent Hagood (07:56.329)

Yeah, I love that name by the way, All Y'all's Food. What do they do?

Brent Hagood (08:05.215)


Bryan (08:08.974)

protein producer in Texas with all y'all's foods. But a good portion of every package he sells goes to the Animal Sanctuaries in Texas there. I forget the name of it, but you should check that out because he's got a similar model. But there is so many ways that we can connect with these charities. But like I did one of the Real Many Plants podcasts a couple of weeks back where we put up the kill counter at the beginning of the episode and it was just sort of shocking.

Brent Hagood (08:34.681)

That's hard.

Bryan (08:36.429)

to see how many animals had died at the end of an hour long episode. So I, and I was speaking with

Brent Hagood (08:42.677)

It's a great idea though. It's a really great idea to show people, like, you know, I feel like vegans on here would probably know that number, but if you get people on here that are just curious about that, I mean, that is the ultimate indicator of, you know, that impact, yeah.

Bryan (08:50.062)


Bryan (08:56.494)

Yeah. And it's just interesting because even, even us vegans, I think would be shocked because we all expect a couple hundred cows to be killed while we're talking here or something. But at the end of the hour, I think it was almost 10 million marine animals. You know what I mean? So, you know, that's just shocking to me. Like we heard literally dredging the oceans dry of salmon and everything else. So.

Brent Hagood (09:01.611)


Brent Hagood (09:11.426)


Brent Hagood (09:21.045)

Makes you sick. Yeah.

Bryan (09:22.446)

Yeah, absolutely. So anyway, let's, we're trying to stick down the business side of it here. And it's, and it's interesting because, um, we just, we've got some passion here on this front. And so I'm just trying to figure out like entrepreneurial, you know, what were some of the challenges you faced while you're trying to bring this dream alive. And then, you know, are, are you, you're the five Oh one C three, but are you paying some of the team to just do, do a lot of the stuff and the profits go to it or like, what's your

What's your vision for some of those challenges that you've continued to face?

Brent Hagood (09:55.833)

Okay, well, so I'm gonna blow your mind right now, but right now, internally, I am a one-man show. So, yeah, so like I have, you know, John, I have Alex, you know, I have Sean Russell. Like I have these people out there that are, you know, going out and doing, you know, doing all these vegan events. They're on Instagram. Like I have friends like, you know, Brooke Sellers, Miss Meatless Muscle that's out there. Like...

Bryan (10:04.75)


Bryan (10:23.022)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brent Hagood (10:23.717)

pushing her, you know, pushing one to save money on her channel. So I have this amazing group of people that are like pushing all this stuff. But internally the, the business model that we have, um, you know, because the, the dip, the volume of designs, shirts, colors, things like that, everything has to be made to order versus like going out and just having like a batch of shirts made, which means that every single shirt that is purchased I'm making right now.

Bryan (10:30.734)


Bryan (10:49.646)

Okay. Yeah.

Brent Hagood (10:50.113)

Which is exhausting because I have like, you know, I have a full-time job as well. So I do this kind of, you know, mornings, nights and weekends around this. And it's, you know, it's a second, you know, 30, 40 hour a week job that I'm, I'm doing outside of it. So to answer your question, the biggest hurdle right now. And if John is watching this, the bodybuilding vegan is he's watching this. He's saying scaling because that's what he beats me up with all the time. We need to be able to scale this. And right now.

Bryan (10:57.678)


Bryan (11:01.998)


Bryan (11:11.95)

Yeah, that's right.

Brent Hagood (11:16.365)

We're kind of like at that bottleneck where we're kind of pushing on the brakes a little bit because as it starts to get bigger, we need to figure out like how to make the jump from me managing everything right now to being able to, you know, sell, you know, you know, tens of millions of dollars a shirt. So that's kind of like the biggest hurdle right now.

Bryan (11:24.942)


Bryan (11:33.038)

That's right. I agree. So if you are a vegan t-shirt printing company out there, reach out to Brent and let's coordinate some plans to dominate in the space here. That's awesome. Um, well, yeah, I, I, I I've helped so many businesses with some of the mentoring and stuff that I've done. So it's, it's great to hear you, you know, showcasing some vulnerability around the challenges that you're facing as you grow. Uh, you, you know, it's always,

Brent Hagood (11:42.238)

I'm sorry.

Bryan (12:03.086)

It's always tough. You want to build it and be ready for it, but then you've done a great job getting the demand out there. And now you have the other problem of how do we scale on those fronts? So, so congrats.

Brent Hagood (12:15.637)

Well, one other quick thing I will add on there, which I think this is a big thing, is from the beginning, I actually own a couple other businesses. So right now, the overhead on one to say many is next to nothing because I'm operating it out of another business building that I own. You know, I'm able to get like drastic shipping discounts, you know, like, so there's the overhead on it's very little. I work for free. So part of the problem of scaling is if I go out and

Bryan (12:31.534)


Bryan (12:36.718)


Brent Hagood (12:44.373)

by a building, now I'm going to have to add a bunch of overhead. So making that step is going to be less money for the animals. So it's like, that's another like kind of complicated thing right now that I'm trying to, trying to manage.

Bryan (12:47.182)


Bryan (12:55.406)

Yeah. Yeah, exactly. You know, do you lower the percentage that gets to the sanctuary to scale to a bigger level and you'll, you'll take that dip for a little bit, but it sounds like it's totally worth it with some of the buzz that you have out there on the social sphere for sure.

Brent Hagood (13:00.962)

Thank you.

Brent Hagood (13:11.529)

And it sounds like I may be having to look you up here for help on this, because it sounds like this is your arena here.

Bryan (13:16.526)

Yeah, I've I I'm more on the computer side of it to a degree, but we can definitely we can definitely continue the conversation. I always am excited about trying to help businesses scale, especially in this vegan space. So what I mean, you've clearly tapped into the to the vegan bodybuilding conglomerate that's out there on that front. And so what strategies?

Brent Hagood (13:23.853)

All right.

Brent Hagood (13:29.301)


Brent Hagood (13:41.218)


Bryan (13:46.926)

expand on how you've done that and or what other strategies have sort of helped, you know, that's how I found about out about it. Like your marketing is working. It reached me. So I'm just curious what, what some of your marketing strategies have been.

Brent Hagood (14:01.525)

Well, I mean, honestly, um, I would love to tell you, like, I have this big elaborate scheme that I like, you know, state of nice thing, but honestly, I mean, I feel like John and Brooke for the most part have been like, you know, my ace in the hole, like both of them are like, have like a really big present on Instagram. Um, and now, uh, you know, John going out and doing like, you know, cause he's down in Tampa and Florida. They have tons of shows down there in Tampa. So that is probably a very large.

Bryan (14:18.734)


Bryan (14:27.182)


Brent Hagood (14:30.105)

portion of the marketing is those two like, you know, constantly pushing it. Outside of that, there's tons of, you know, vegan friends and vegan fam on Instagram that they get the shirts, they put it on their stories, they tag one to save many, like, and people see it that way. And I feel like if anybody who's on Instagram, if they've got a one to save many order, they're like.

Bryan (14:41.198)


Brent Hagood (14:53.317)

to go out there and make a post or make a story. And back to the back to me mentioning a movement, it does feel like a movement. Like there's just, you know, the fans of One to Save Many are like kind of doing them a large portion of the marketing themselves. So, and every time I'm doing like a festival or something like that, I meet somebody new that has some new idea or has some, you know, other vehicle to like market or has some other relationship with some.

Bryan (14:55.502)

That's right.

Bryan (15:06.638)


Bryan (15:19.438)

That's right.

Brent Hagood (15:21.109)

you know, some other school or some other nonprofit or something that wants to like, because one nice thing that you're in business, I'm sure you know this, when you're in a normal business, everybody's kind of angling to like, you know, get the most money on their, on their partner. With the vegan community, everybody's goals are aligned. They just want to help animals. So they don't, you know, that really it's, it's a whole nother experience of business when everybody's vision is along.

Bryan (15:35.662)

That's right, that's right.

Bryan (15:41.998)

That's right.

Bryan (15:47.598)

I agree. Yeah. I don't, I don't care. I mean, that's why, you know, this podcasting thing is so important to me because it's the passion for what I want to see the world up towards. And I don't care if I lose money one month or make a few dollars the next month, kind of a thing. It's just exactly that. So yeah.

Brent Hagood (16:03.637)

Vegan mindset is just so different than anything else.

Bryan (16:06.894)

That's right. For sure. And it's, it's that, that question. Gosh, I forgot what I was going to ask you, but it was, yeah, it'll come back to me here in a second, but it was, it's just, yeah, so, so awesome to see what you're doing on that front with, with the, yeah. What, uh, so how, how are you measuring, measuring that? Like we've got the, the kill counter kind of a thing. Do you have the save counter? How are you measuring your impact?

Brent Hagood (16:18.341)


Brent Hagood (16:24.041)

Thanks, Brian. I really appreciate it. I really appreciate it.

Bryan (16:36.43)

on that animal welfare thing.

Brent Hagood (16:39.541)

Okay, so I feel like the initial answer in the back of my head is the number of shirts that are out there, because I mean, again, in my mind, walking billboards. So like that means that every time I ship an order, I know that somebody is gonna be wearing a shirt and like everybody in their bubble that they run into is going to see that shirt. So I haven't figured out a great way to tell you exactly how many shirts that I've.

Bryan (16:50.894)

That's right.

Bryan (17:01.806)

That's right.

Brent Hagood (17:07.729)

that I've made and how many are out there, but there's thousands of shirts out there. And so I know the impact from that is making a big difference. But on that note, it is in the back of my mind to put a counter on the website for the number of shirts that are out there, because I thought that would be kind of an interesting thing to put on there. And that's, again, that's something John mentions all the time.

Bryan (17:12.366)

That's right.

Bryan (17:24.91)

Absolutely. Yeah, I love it. And you helped trigger my other thought that came back to me now. Cause, cause I do, you know, anybody that comes on the podcast, I'm going to offer you up something out of the real money plant store too. So you can take your pick of our t-shirts, but the question, that's right. We can trade, we can trade. So I just finished reading this awesome book. I think you should read it. The business of belonging.

Brent Hagood (17:31.306)


Brent Hagood (17:41.538)

Oh, we can trade. We can trade.

Bryan (17:52.014)

And it's about community building and how do we build communities? And I do agree that the vegan PR person is not doing the best job for us. So how do we, how do we, how do we shape that narrative? And one of the things that stuck out to me is building that brand, which it sounds like you've done an amazing job doing right. Like the ultimate sign of an amazing brand is I would have it tattooed on my body, like Harley Davidson, right? So, you know, you're, you're at that place where

Brent Hagood (17:52.055)


Brent Hagood (18:00.191)


Brent Hagood (18:10.713)

Thank you.

Brent Hagood (18:16.821)

Yeah, yeah.

Bryan (18:19.886)

People are so proud to wear it. So I think you have completely gelled this community. And so I'd encourage you to listen to that book. You'll get tons of cool little tips on how to keep growing your community for sure. So, the business of belonging, yes.

Brent Hagood (18:30.165)

Business of Belonging, is that what you said the name was? Yes, I love it. I'm a huge reader of business books and self-help books. So I will add that to my list.

Bryan (18:38.062)

Yeah. Very cool. So, uh, give us some of your lessons learned. You've, you've given us a couple already, but like what's been your challenges on the entrepreneurship social impact, uh, that you can impart to other business owners that are watching this.

Brent Hagood (18:56.949)

Well, so I have another, my other business is a business that, you know, I had started out of my basement 20 some years ago. So I feel like I was fortunate enough to have gone through all of that to get to this, but it's a whole other world now. So time management is a tough one. I mean, that's a, it's a, it's a very tough one. I struggle with that a lot, but I will say that as an entrepreneur,

Bryan (19:17.582)


Brent Hagood (19:25.673)

You don't get to go out on nights and weekends and hang out with your friends. If you're really, you're really, you know, your cause or your business or whatever it is. I mean, if you want to be successful, you got to grind, you got to keep your head down and, and do what's uncomfortable. Um, and in this case, I will say that, um, you know, the, the people you surround yourself with. Uh, John Brooke, you know, um, I just have this, uh, you know, I had my friend Bobak. He's, you know, um,

Bryan (19:29.966)


Bryan (19:38.126)

to it.

Brent Hagood (19:53.749)

And I mentioned Bobak, you'll appreciate this. Bobak has a vegan convenience store out in California. Wonderful, angry planet. It's got a wonderful story behind it. But anyway, these are all people I've surrounded myself with that know Bobak up with 501c3. I'm a top with marketing on Instagram. So I know how to make t-shirts. I know how to run a website. That's about all that I can do. So I guess running yourself with the people that can fill in the gaps.

Bryan (20:00.142)


Bryan (20:10.798)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bryan (20:18.382)


That's, that's good. That's awesome. Awesome advice. I agree with it because the, the perseverance and just having the right people they're helping lift you up can help you move the mountain for sure. So talk to me a little bit more. Where do you see one to save many in the next five years? How do you plan to grow its impact?

Brent Hagood (20:32.299)


Brent Hagood (20:42.101)

Oh man, see, I'm embarrassed to say that being a visionary like that is not my strong suit. I have always been the guy that is just focusing on the step right in front of me. And I mean, I have the bigger goal, obviously, I want to end factory farming. And I know that's a really huge goal. But you know, in the back of my mind, I think that's every vegan's you know, goal is to help animals and factory farming.

Between where I'm at now and that, I mean, I still am figuring it out every day. I mean, for the most part, I struggle just to keep up with what I'm doing now. So I'm relying a lot on my, you know, Sean Russell, John, Brooke, Bob Ick, I'm relying a lot on them to help me with, you know, different directions that we can go to get, you know, from point A to point B.

Bryan (21:36.334)

I, yeah, I commend your efforts and I, I think it is a very reachable goal to end factory farming. I spoke with, uh, Paul Shapiro from the better meat company. Um, and he said, you know, how did we end, uh, horse abuse? We invented the car. How did we, and how did we end, uh, abusing all the geese for our fountain pens by, and by inventing the pen, you know what I mean? Like, so

We are going to come up with a technology solution in my opinion, that's going to taste better than meat in some way, shape or form. And the alternative is if we don't end factory farming, we're, we're going to ruin the planet. So we've got to, we've got to fix that. So I hope it happens in our lifetime and not our kids lifetime, but I am with you, my friend on helping to get the animals out of there into a sanctuary, letting them live the rest of their life. And it is.

Brent Hagood (22:06.09)

Love that.

Brent Hagood (22:18.794)

Yeah, yeah.

Bryan (22:34.83)

peaceful of a place as they can. So go and support one too many. And I wanna hear you back on the show in a year from now saying I sold millions of t-shirts for sure, for sure. So tell us one more time, Brent, what can we do as a community that are all watching this episode and what are the best ways to get in touch?

Brent Hagood (22:36.578)


Brent Hagood (22:44.775)

Yes, yes.

Brent Hagood (22:55.669)

Well, I mean, I hate to say this because this is always an uncomfortable thing for a lot of vegans to hear, but being vegan is kind of baseline. Like if you want to help animals, you actually need to do something. You need to either go out to a charity and donate your time, donate your money. So I would just say, look for some way to make a difference. So whether it's donating to a local animal sanctuary or spending time at a local animal sanctuary or just...

Bryan (23:16.718)

That's right.

Brent Hagood (23:24.993)

getting out there and finding out local animal activist events in your area that you can help with. But I mean, just not eating meat is not going to be enough.

Bryan (23:35.342)

That's right, absolutely. And what's the website one more time if they want to get one of these awesome shirts?

Brent Hagood (23:39.805)

Bryan (23:43.214)

one to save So go check that out and reach out to your local charities in your area and try to get in touch and see what they need and how you can help. I'm sure you have something in your house. You can donate to the charity that needs it for sure. So thank you so much Brent for being here and hanging out with us for a little bit.

Brent Hagood (23:45.25)


Brent Hagood (23:57.869)


Brent Hagood (24:04.111)

Thank you for having me. This was awesome.

Bryan (24:06.67)

And so that's sort of all the time that we have for this episode of Plant Based on Fire. Thank you so much again, Brent, for joining us, sharing your insights, experiences. And until next time, everybody, keep that fire burning.

Brent Hagood (24:18.329)

Thank you very much.



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