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Finding a Vegan Doctor… virtually impossible.

First and foremost. If I’m going to embark on this journey, just like in the movie, I thought it would be a good idea to get a checkup. See where I am at. I know my BMI says I’m slightly overweight. I know at times my blood pressure is a tad high. But I exercise regularly.

I turn to my trusty friend Google. But what to search for? I tried vegan doctor and my zipcode. No luck there. How about holistic doctor and my city name? No luck, I get a ton of acupuncturist websites.

So maybe Google is providing no love today. Let me turn to my insurance carrier’s website. Nope nothing but a list of 324 internal medicine doctors in my area. Guess I can call each and every one of them.

How about the couple major hospitals around me. See if I can find one that way. Nope, their website is even more limited in searching than the insurance.

I’ve tried a few other Google searches, but all to no avail. So I guess the biggest hurdle is trying to find a doctor like in that movie. One who appreciates the lifestyle, and can help guide you on the vegan path a little more.

I turn to email, and my blog, to see if people can recommend someone or refer me to someone who may know. Perhaps a call to a librarian to ask.

If you know of a good website please share! :)


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