• Bryan

FINDING BALANCE | Avoiding the Junk Food Trap

When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s simple to take the easy path.

With a new plant-based diet, this can mean take-out or dial-in meals, vegan fast-food and pre-made burgers and dishes.

While there’s nothing wrong with these food options, there’s also nothing very ‘right’ about them either. As a very broad generalization, they are often low in nutrition, higher in salts, sugars and fats and lacking in what I consider ‘real’ ingredients.

Just the same as exercise, sex, even narcotics such as cocaine, junk food causes our bodies to release dopamine.

But how do you avoid junk food and learn better habits?

I explore the junk food trap and how to manage your eating habits in my latest blog.

Read now on Medium: https://medium.com/@realmeneatplants/finding-balance-avoiding-the-junk-food-trap-1ca96a892554


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