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Ignite Your Vegan Business: A Conversation with Kira Pearson

Welcome to Plant Based On Fire, where we explore the world of plant-based businesses and their inspiring journeys. In our latest episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Kira Pearson, a dynamic entrepreneur and marketing expert specializing in vegan-based business marketing. Kira's passion for sustainability and animal welfare has led her to establish Vegan Business Marketing, a consultancy aimed at helping vegan brands thrive in a competitive marketplace. In this blog, we'll dive into Kira's insights and nuggets of wisdom from the interview, offering valuable advice for plant-based entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

From Agency to Consulting: Kira's Journey

Kira clarifies that her venture, Vegan Business Marketing, is more of a consulting and coaching service than a traditional agency. She assists individuals who are passionate about their vegan businesses but lack the resources to hire an agency. Kira empowers them to take charge of their marketing efforts through strategic planning, branding, social media management, content creation, and other innovative marketing strategies.

The Importance of Building a Strong Online Presence

Kira emphasizes the significance of long-term marketing methods over relying solely on social media. She believes in enhancing brand image and online visibility through techniques like refining marketing messaging, implementing SEO strategies, creating lead magnets, and setting up email marketing systems. By tailoring her approach to each client's needs, Kira helps vegan businesses establish a confident brand identity and effectively pitch their offerings to their target audience.

Overcoming Misconceptions

Kira addresses common misconceptions in the industry, such as the fear of being too assertive or annoying when marketing. She emphasizes the importance of consistently presenting your business to potential customers, as studies show it takes an average of 5 to 10 interactions before someone makes a purchase. Kira advises businesses to put themselves out there with confidence, connect with their audience, and build trust over time.

Seizing Opportunities in the Growing Vegan Market

As the plant-based industry continues to expand, Kira sees tremendous growth opportunities for vegan businesses. With the market evolving and more consumers embracing plant-based lifestyles, there is room for innovative and impactful ventures. Kira encourages entrepreneurs to tap into this potential by identifying their niche, understanding their target audience's language, and establishing a strong brand presence.

Kira's Vision for the Future

Kira recently launched her program called "Grow Your Reach," tailored specifically for vegan service businesses. Through this program, she helps plant-based coaches, graphic designers, and other professionals expand their online presence and attract interested leads. Kira is excited to connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate on projects, and continue supporting the growth of the vegan community.

Kira Pearson's dedication to helping vegan businesses thrive is evident in her innovative marketing strategies and consultancy services. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the plant-based industry, Kira empowers entrepreneurs to build strong brands, connect with their target audience, and ultimately succeed in the marketplace. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your plant-based business, Kira's insights and expertise can be a valuable asset on your journey to success.

So, ignite your vegan business and take advantage of the growing plant-based market by leveraging Kira's knowledge and guidance. Connect with her through Vegan Business Marketing to explore how her expertise can propel your brand forward. Let's revolutionize the business landscape with sustainable and compassionate practices. Together, we can create a better future for our planet and all its inhabitants.

> Episode’s transcript

Bryan (00:01.538)

Hello and welcome to Plant Based On Fire, where we're gonna talk about plant-based businesses and their inspiring stories to thrive in the industry. I'm your host, Brian, and today we have a very special guest, Kira Pearson, who is a dynamic entrepreneur and marketing expert specializing in vegan-based business marketing. So she has a strong passion for sustainability and animal welfare, and Kira has made it her mission to help vegan businesses thrive.

in a very competitive marketplace. So she is drawing on her extensive experience and knowledge in digital marketing and Kira founded Vegan Business Marketing, a leading agency that provides comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for vegan brands. So through her agency, she's offering strategic planning, branding, social media management, content creation, and other innovative marketing strategies.

designed to enhance the visibility and success of vegan businesses. So I'm so thrilled to have you here on the show today. Kira, thank you. And we want to learn more about your vision for your business in the future. So without further ado, Kira, everyone.

Kira (01:12.134)

Hi, yes, thank you. Thank you for that intro, that was lovely. Although I will have to unfortunately correct you on just a few things, but that's okay, we can do that in the questions.

Bryan (01:15.251)


Bryan (01:21.837)

Okay. Did I get it all right or what did I go wrong on the research I did?

Kira (01:27.086)

Yeah, it's less of an agency, more of like a consulting, consulting coaching. So basically like, yeah, I'm helping people, but like they're responsible for it essentially, right? It's kind of like for the people who can't afford to hire an agency, they want to do the work, but they can't figure it out themselves, then they'll hire me as like a consultant. Yeah.

Bryan (01:30.807)


Bryan (01:43.018)


So as you.

So when you come back in two or three years and are on the podcast again, it's totally going to have blown up into a full blown agency is my guess.

Kira (01:54.998)

Yeah, maybe, maybe you're just guessing for the future. Yeah.

Bryan (01:58.55)

Yeah, I'm planting some seeds for you. So, well, how did you get started? Like what's been sort of your personal journey and how you became interested in, you know, the vegan lifestyle and all that stuff.

Kira (02:01.014)


Kira (02:09.91)

Yeah, I actually went vegetarian about four or five years ago now, back in 2017. It was like immediately after I washed forks over knives. That was it. Really? Oh wow. Yeah, it's like, oh wait, they're putting cancer in meat. Okay, we're like, you know, it's like a number one carcinogen. Why am I going to put that in my body? So I just think that was literally the day I decided to cut out meat.

Bryan (02:19.766)

That's what did it for me too, yeah. Yeah.

Bryan (02:29.966)

That's right.

Kira (02:34.758)

And then yeah, it took me a few years to cut out, you know, the eggs and the cheese and stuff It's always the last to go but it was just learning about you know, all the information that we all know now about Yeah, all the just horribleness that happens to male chicks and all those other things

Bryan (02:50.622)

Yeah, that's what did it for me 13 years ago, watched Forks Over Knives and walked out of the theater. I saw it in the theater and I bought right then and there. So yeah, so yeah, well, welcome.

Kira (03:02.846)

Oh wow, good job. For two years, the vegan industry must have looked so different back then. You couldn't buy all the stuff you can now at all. No, no. Always eating cold tofu or something.

Bryan (03:10.538)

Yeah, yeah, no Beyond Burgers for sure. So yeah.

And so how did you connect the two things together into this vegan business marketing angle?

Kira (03:23.094)

Yeah, so I've been in digital marketing and online marketing for, I don't know, six, seven years now. And it was just, you know, it's not aligning with my goals and my values with like the businesses that I was working with. So I really just wanted to fix that. And there was not really any companies that were out there that I wanted to work for. I've always been very entrepreneurial. So I just thought, hey, you know what, I can actually do this myself. Why do I need a company to do it for me?

So I just started at Vegan Business Marketing and so far it's been going really well. I just launched this new program so I'm excited to talk a little bit more. But it's been quite a journey and I'm just so happy to have the skills in marketing that I can now bring into my passion of veganism.

Bryan (04:07.906)

That is awesome. Well, congrats on your journey there for that piece of it. So what are some of the success stories you've had? I mean, how are you helping people grow their online presence and win on that front?

Kira (04:12.858)

Thank you.

Kira (04:21.55)

Yeah, it's very tailored because I feel like a lot of the businesses have different issues, but it's more so focusing on long-term methods, not social media at all. That's kind of the thing is like social media is changing so fast and there's so many TikTok reels that people don't want to make and the algorithm doesn't work for you. So my methods are more focusing on just getting your brand image and your online presence just stronger.

So figuring out your marketing messaging, doing a little bit of SEO work, making sure you have a lead magnet in place, making sure you have an email marketing system to collect the leads with, and all the bits of the funnel, basically, to get you started. I come in and see where you are at now, kind of tailor it to each person, what you need more of. But yeah, so far it's been going really well. People are just really responding to the fact that they are able to like...

actually pitch themselves to people now with confidence. They know what their brand is talking about, what problems they're solving for people. And so it's just nice to hear that feedback and actually get other businesses growing. So that's my real passion, is helping other vegan businesses grow.

Bryan (05:24.983)


Bryan (05:30.029)


Bryan (05:34.07)

Yeah, same here. I mean, that's why we're doing this podcast. So we want to, we want to help promote you a whole bunch. So I guess, you know, having dabble a little bit in social media stuff myself in the past, um, it's that question about what, what do you find is the right balance between the social side and the media side, you know, like posting the pictures versus commenting.

Kira (05:37.402)

Yeah, exactly.

Kira (05:55.078)

Yeah, and I think some people also have the issue like do they set up a personal Instagram account and a business account or do they try and combine them? And it's tricky because when you're first starting a business of course you want to separate things out but you don't yet have an audience to separate it so it's so time consuming to do social media. Like I'm not against it but when you have a business already, when you're first starting out there's so much other ways that you can market yourself much better.

Bryan (06:02.999)


Bryan (06:14.382)


Bryan (06:21.334)

Yeah. And it's yeah. Yeah, exactly. And so like what, what is a couple of free tips? There's plenty of people that are going to be watching this at like, I want to do this. I want to combine two of my passions together and launch a business and, and you know, what's that, what's those one or two free tips you can give before they get in touch with you.

Kira (06:22.818)

Like, podcast, for instance.

Kira (06:42.462)

Yeah, I think, well, number one, passion in business is different, right? Like we're all multifaceted people. We have so many interests, but you don't have to offer a business that has all your interests in it. Like, you know, for me, I'm very passionate about traveling. I'm very passionate about cooking and baking, but I'm not going to have a business that's like marketing plus buy my cookbook plus travel with me on this trip. Like it's just too many things.

So I would say, focus on one thing that you really are good at, you have a good skill at, and make that your business and then the rest of it can just be for fun.

Bryan (07:19.554)

Yeah, awesome. So this is a competitive market. I think everybody and their brother is doing the social media stuff and trying to help you or got their advice because we're all on the social media sucking minutes off our life every day kind of a thing. So what advice do you have for a plant-based business owners to try and differentiate themselves and maybe stand out from the crowd?

Kira (07:21.467)


Kira (07:34.339)


Kira (07:42.966)

Yeah, see, it's funny for me because honestly, my advice for people out there is to try and if you're trying to really build your business and you're a newer business owner, you aren't quite there yet, you know, you're either like still working your full time job or you're like, you know, almost about to quit or you're like barely making ends meet in your new business, stay away from social media. Like do not touch social media, I would say. Go out contact like all the podcast people you can contact all the

bloggers that you can, all the people that already have audiences that you can then connect with and get your business in front of their audience. Like that's I guess we call like partnership marketing or relationship marketing, but like that is going to be the bread and butter for business to like get clients and get started when you're just starting off.

Bryan (08:30.062)

Yeah, I don't think many businesses realize that most businesses are operating on referrals and word of mouth recommendations still, right? So, so until you can establish yourself as a real true brand, it is, it is hard. So you have to go back. Yeah.

Kira (08:37.424)


Kira (08:44.154)

What, would people like, can trust you? Like, if someone doesn't trust you, they're not gonna buy from you. And people often think, you know, they launched their website, and they're like, oh, now I'm online, people are gonna come to my website, and they're gonna buy from me. It's like, no, they don't trust you, they don't know you, you have to like, build that authority, and you have to build connections, and you know, it doesn't take that much time if you like, are contacting people day in and day out for like, you know, the next 30 days. Like, take 30 days.

Bryan (09:01.118)


Kira (09:11.75)

Contact 30 people, guaranteed you're gonna get five or 10 clients. Don't post every day on social media. Take that 30 days off social media, focus your time elsewhere.

Bryan (09:16.822)

Yep, that's right.

Bryan (09:23.502)

That's totally, totally true. So what if I do want to dabble in the social media? Are there some common tools or softwares that you would recommend people use to dabble and get started?

Kira (09:33.966)

Yeah, I mean look at where your market is always. Don't try and spread yourself too thin. If you're a photographer, you're probably gonna want to be on Instagram. You know, if you're focusing on businesses, you're gonna wanna be on LinkedIn. I feel like maybe a hairdresser go on Pinterest. You know, like figure out where your audience is and focus on that platform, I would say. But as far as like other kind of tools and stuff, like for Instagram, I'm not 100% sure. Stay away from that.

Bryan (10:01.41)

Yeah, yeah, exactly. I think.

Kira (10:05.206)

YouTube, YouTube I know is like going crazy. Long form videos are good.

Bryan (10:08.342)

Yeah, for sure. Yeah. I mean, the podcast, this podcast will be out on YouTube and stuff. So yeah, there's definitely, definitely ways to maximize that. Um, what, you know, I think we've touched on a few misconceptions and I can't, I can't restate what you just said enough. Really? You've got to pick up the phone or drop some people, some email to drum up that business, but are there some other common misconceptions that you see, uh, as you're working with businesses?

Kira (10:36.014)

Um, yeah, just a lot of... Actually, one big misconception is that they think that they're annoying, you think that you're annoying people very quickly, when in reality, kind of the rule of thumb is that someone needs to see your business, say, like, between like five to 10 times before they're gonna buy from you. Let's say like seven for kind of a middle of the road ticket offer. So it's like if someone needs to see your business seven times before they're gonna offer, and yet you've posted, you know, like...

twice a week on social media, you've sent like one email, and you think, oh, you know, I'm bothering someone, I shouldn't be reaching out and I shouldn't be sending this. It's like, no, if you're really wanting to get clients and get people like, you need to put your business out there like more than you think you should be. I think that people get scared and they get like, oh, people are gonna judge me on what I'm doing, or, you know, like, they're gonna not wanna see my posts. It's like, no, if you want your business to be seen and to get clients, you need to.

Bryan (11:20.218)

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Kira (11:32.826)

put yourself out there at least five times a week, get visible, get in front of your audience.

Bryan (11:39.818)

Yeah, definitely get that presence really established. I, and if you look at like, I know there's a certain satellite radio company that I canceled recently and they will not stop calling me. That's a perfect example of annoying. That's great. Yeah. So what, what insights, uh, for like growth and opportunities do you see for more plant-based businesses?

Kira (11:43.351)


Kira (11:52.095)

Yeah, of course, after you've cancelled, right? I'm gonna be done. Classic.

Kira (12:04.686)

Yeah, I mean, well, right now the market is just going crazy. Like we can see with all the products and new things that are going in the grocery stores, like plant-based lifestyle is really becoming more of a thing. Less negative connotation happening now, I think, towards it. You even have the Real Men Eat Plants podcast, which is like amazing. So, you know, I think it's a big misconception that veganism is, is like.

I don't know why it's so negative. Like it's so, it's good for the planet, it's good for animals, it's good for your health. Like why do people speak negatively about it? I honestly don't know. But, yeah.

Bryan (12:37.366)

Right, right, exactly. Yeah, I see more and more businesses taking off all the time on that front.

Kira (12:44.994)

Yeah, it's just growing. I think the market is exploding. So like if you are getting into the vegan market right now, it's a good time because it's like just the beginning I think.

Bryan (12:54.498)

So you mentioned, you know, your, some of your core stuff is really helping establish those, those brands and that consistency and stuff like that. So what are some of those tips for people that are just starting their business? Like what is the right way to get that brand and identity created?

Kira (13:09.506)

Yeah, I think really the main focus there is to figure out exactly what language your target market is using. So go out there, talk to people, see exactly what language they're using for the problem that you want to help them with. So you know, for me, like I'm helping people grow their reach online, I'm helping them connect and get interested leads and clients coming to them, as opposed to you having to go out and you know,

post social media every single day and like chase these leads that aren't really not that strong. So yeah, I think it's just a matter of... Wait, sorry, what was the main question?

Bryan (13:49.588)

Yeah, I just like, how do you get started establishing that brand, right? That's, that's the core piece of it, right?

Kira (13:53.186)

Oh, yeah, yeah. So go out there and talk to your audience. Their language is your gold. Use that messaging exactly the way they say it to you on your home page, on your about page. What problem are you solving for people? How do they talk about that problem? And then just relay it back to them. Like, hey, I helped you solve this problem. They're going to pay you big money for that.

Bryan (13:57.602)


Bryan (14:16.802)

That's right, absolutely. So what upcoming projects do you have going on? What are you getting excited about doing in the short future here?

Kira (14:25.422)

Yeah, so I'm just launching my new program right now. Well, not so new, but kind of relaunching this program. It's all about, yeah, it's called Grow Your Reach. So helping vegan businesses specifically, it's actually for vegan service businesses. So like plant-based coaches, vegan business graphic designers, vegan business ads managers, things like that, to help them grow their reach online and get interested leads coming to them.

So basically, yeah, just launching that right now. And it's going to be $4.99. I'm basically taking up five more spots, I think, right now before the end of July. Yeah. So that's super exciting. And I'm just pumped to get that out there. And yeah, I'm kind of just growing it.

Bryan (15:10.318)

That's exciting. Yeah, a couple spots left there. So got to get in to chat with Keira soon then. So how do we get people in touch with you? What's the right way to get in touch?

Kira (15:15.826)

Yes, yes, yes.

Yeah, best way would just be to do a, just go to my website, and you can learn about everything there and then there's the 15 minute call you can just book with me, super easy on that.

Bryan (15:33.53)

Awesome. And so.

Kira (15:34.774)

And if you are not ready to like, you know, you wanna do some work on your own first, there is a free marketing like ultimate guide there that you can get as well. So you can, you can

Bryan (15:47.278)

Very cool. And so how else can the plant based on fire community help support you and your business growth?

Kira (15:57.134)

Yeah, good question. I mean, I would love to just, you know, connect with you guys more if there's any like, I don't know if you need any blog posts done or like, you know, I love to collaborate anyway we can really so even if you want to be like a guest in front of my audience or like all of course share this podcast.

Bryan (16:11.627)


Bryan (16:17.806)

Very cool. Well, thank you so much, Kira, for coming on the show today and talking to us. Is there anything we didn't touch on that you wanted to put out there for the world to hear?

Kira (16:23.095)


Kira (16:28.17)

No, I'm just so excited that the vegan community is growing. Honestly, I just love meeting everyone in here. I'm a part of this really amazing little online group, too, just full of vegan businesses. And it's just so nice to see that we're all growing. And I think it's going to be a really good next decade or two if we can get more people on board and help explode this market.

Bryan (16:48.174)

Yeah. That's right. Hopefully you get a few more fish back in the ocean as well. All right.

Kira (16:54.17)

Yes, like let's say these oceans. Honestly, that's another thing actually. I'm living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico right now because I'm from Canada originally, but you know, it's too cold in the winter. And the oceans right now are horrible with sargassum, with seaweed because of all the climate change that's happening. And it's honestly just so sad to be able to see it like first person how horrible it's affecting our oceans.

Bryan (17:00.526)


Bryan (17:18.41)

Yeah, I was down there a few months back and stuff and I saw it. They had so many people on the beach cleaning the seaweed off. So yeah, it was just these little signs that we're ignoring. So yeah, help us spread the word people that are listening to this. Come to the plant side. That's right. Well, that is kind of a wrap for this edition of Plant Based on Fire. Thank you again, Kira, so much for jumping on here and spending a few minutes with us.

Kira (17:22.597)


Kira (17:26.539)


Disperting, yeah.

Exactly, exactly. Share this, share it with your friends.

Kira (17:47.95)

Yes, no worries, it's lovely.

Bryan (17:48.646)

Um, we are excited to keep this going. We'll drop another episode next week. And so until next time, let's keep those fire burning. Thank you for being here.



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