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LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE | The Power of a Positive Diet

“You are what you eat”.

It’s not a new phrase, and certainly one that most people will have heard more than once or twice, but it’s possibly one of the most misunderstood, ignored and underappreciated nuggets of wisdom ever to be uttered.

The western world has become utterly detached from the notion of food as simply grist for the mill, an indulgent, tasty filler at best. Food is nothing more than the fodder that fills our bellies; we’re hungry, we eat, we’re no longer hungry — job done.

In my latest blog, I discuss our connection with food and how we have almost completely lost touch of the healing, nutritional, even medicinal benefits we can gain from eating consciously.

It's not about giving up the good stuff, it's simply about moderating the treats and boosting fresh, real wholefoods.



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