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Meat causes more damage than all transportation.

There are about 300 million Americans if we figure out that each of them has one car. Obviously some are children, and some have more than once, I think that is an overestimate, let's say 250 million cars. Now let's assume a few more things. They drive on average 12,000 miles a year and get a decent 25 miles per gallon. That translates to 480 gallons of gas, which is about 5.4 tons of greenhouse gas per year, per car. 1,300,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas for all of America, that is 1.3 BILLION tons.

Now let's look at the flip side, cows. They say that they produce on average 30 gallons per day of belching and farting methane. There are an estimated 100 million cows in the United States. That is 95 million tons. Not quite close to that 1.3 billion above. However, we are not taking into account the whole picture. Cars produce carbon dioxide. Cows produce methane, which is estimated to be 23 times worse than CO2.  Resulting in cows making 2.2 BILLION tons.

Not to mention the fact that providing clean water to the cows, reaping huge amounts of grain to feed the cows, and transporting the cows from the farms to the slaughterhouses, then off to our grocery stores, and even home to the fridge.

We’re also only talking about cows here, what about chickens, pigs, sheep, and many other types of food that we’re fond of that we need to feed.

Even worse news, they expect the demand for cows to grow significantly by 2030.

We’re only looking at the United States here. What about blossoming economies such as China or India? As they earn more income, they will want to be like us and eat meat.

Help do your part people, understand how your simple decision, what to eat, affects the entire planet, and let's work towards change.


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