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Meatless Weekend Update

It was a whirlwind tour of friends, family, a birthday party, and a wedding. Going VEGAN was extremely difficult, and was broken each day. The more I try that approach, the more I think perhaps I’m really just a vegetarian.

Weddings must prove extremely difficult for a vegan since almost every dish is cooked with copious amounts of butter. All over the green beans, the eggplant parmigiana served as the vegetarian option, of course, including cheese. And who can really resist a slice of wedding cake, of which you know there are eggs in it?

Overall a solid stance on vegetarian, friends and family asked me lots of questions about my journey, to which I don’t quite have enough facts in my arsenal yet. But I’m building up a collection of answers.

My brother was kind enough to even get some vegetarian burgers for me at the birthday party. They tasted fairly decent, a slightly different texture but good none the less. A breakdown with more interesting tidbits to come later this week.


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