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My parents forget I’m a vegetarian

My mother calls me, we’re going to visit them soon, she reviews our schedule and is excited to see me. They want to take us out to dinner one night, and she found this amazing new steak house, that I will absolutely love, they have prime rib that is thick, and juicy, and cooked to perfection. She went on and on about it, I let her, and then finally chimed in, do they have any vegetarian dishes?

A long silence on the phone, and then she said, I’m sorry, I forgot. I said I have no problem going there, and I’m sure they have a salad, and probably amazing potato dishes as well.

I hate to be the person who derails a perfectly good family dinner, just because I’m being difficult with my vegetarian requests. However, maybe its a good thing, since I’m sure that if we go someplace less steak like, other people will get a salad too, or something less environmentally impacting.

I of course recommended a vegetarian restaurant, see if I can trick them all into skipping the meat that evening. We shall see.


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