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Personal struggles with avoiding meat.

I have been a vegetarian now for almost half a year. I’ve resisted the late night burgers when I had a little bit to drink. I’ve avoided the demanding persuasion of my Father in Law and his “vegetarian” deer burgers. (They are grain fed deer) Just the other day though a friend who is moving to the other side of the country went out to dinner, his favorite food? German. At a semi-authentic German restaurant, I struggled to find anything vegetarian on the menu, other than the salad bar. Literally everything was meat. Smothered in meat gravy of some kind. Sauerkraut was as close as I could come, and honestly I’m not a fan of it.

Being an advocate of the weekday vegetarian model, I broke down and tried a little bit of the bratwurst and knot-wurst. I honestly felt bloated and slower the next day, I couldn’t quite describe it.

A little bit later in the month I went fishing with my co-workers, it was my turn, and I landed a big one! 30 pound Mahi Mahi, it took me over a half an hour to real it in, and I was exhausted. Of course they filleted it up, and I had to try a little bit. While it was delicious and fresh, I still regretted having it.

So with Thanksgiving right around the corner, will all the people line up on one side of the fence or the other, and go for the Turkey this year or not?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing my best to lead a vegetarian lifestyle, but me stating I’ll never eat meat ever again is probably never going to happen. My goal is to limit it to a about once a year or less. I feel like it will be a good stride towards helping the environment. Combine that with my advocacy roles, I feel good about my decision and helping to dispel the fear about going vegetarian.

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