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Personal update… long overdue

I apologize for the lack of personal updates, new job and the time just disappears! I have been continuing my plant based life style, and I am almost at the one year mark.

Fallen into a routine, and find myself eating a lot more fruit lately. I typically have a Apricot Almond Muesli Bar in the morning, along with a Honey Crisp apple, and a banana. Our local Whole Foods seems to be able to stock those Honey Crisps all year round now. Here we are in April still getting my favorite ones.

Lunch is usually where ever the gang goes, and is a more hearty and usually un-healthy meal, but still vegetarian. Dinner is a soup or small salad, and I cannot resist a good chocolate chip cookie for a late evening snack.

I’m encouraging people where I can to try out meatless Mondays. To watch Forks Over Knifes, or any of the other great documentaries out there.

Still looking for some other Real Men to contribute a story from their lives though once in a while. Action is what is needed to help shift the global thinking to more vegetables.


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