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Real Men Eat Plants: A Green Revolution Unveiled for 2024!

Updated: Jan 17

Greetings, fellow plant enthusiasts! It's an exciting time at Real Men Eat Plants, and if you missed Bryan's latest podcast episode, let me fill you in on the buzz surrounding the upcoming year.

Bryan is on a mission to create an exclusive inner circle comprising 20 to 25 vegan men. This tight-knit group will gather regularly to discuss topics that resonate with the male experience in the plant-based world. It's an opportunity to share stories, explore the impact of plant-based living on men, and brainstorm ways to encourage more men to embrace this lifestyle.

The podcast is gearing up for a groundbreaking initiative—the Vegan Men Stories Collection. Bryan aims to build a library of life-changing narratives from real men eating plants. If you're a vegan man with a story to tell, this is your chance to be part of a movement showcasing the diverse journeys of men making a positive impact.

Bryan touched on the current landscape of plant-based content, noting that 80% of the traffic is often women-oriented. His mission? To balance the scales. He's calling on all of us to spread the word and encourage more men to engage with plant-based content, aiming for a 50-50 representation.

But wait, there's more! The podcast is set to feature an impressive lineup of speakers in the coming year. Additionally, exciting content is brewing on RMEP's YouTube Shorts and TikTok channels. And if you're a plant-based business or aspiring to be one, Bryan has something special for you—Green Growth Mentors. As a professional business coach with an eCornell plant-based nutrition certificate, Bryan is ready to share his wisdom and experience in plant-based mentoring.

If you know of any plant-based businesses in need, Bryan invites them to check out Green Growth Mentors and possibly feature on their sister podcast, Plant Based on Fire.

As we eagerly await the first week of the new year, Bryan wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and reflection. Get ready to make 2024 an unforgettable year for real men who eat plants. Stay tuned for the growth and discovery journey that awaits, and remember, let's grow green together!

Happy holidays, everyone! See you in the new year! 🌱✨

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Podcast Transcript:

Bryan (00:00.97)

Hey everyone, it's Brian here. I am the founder of Real Many Plants and I am one of the backup hosts, you'd say, for the Real Many Plants podcast. A big shout out to Shane who has joined us this year to help bring the Real Many Plants podcast alive. I hope you see more of me and some other fellow vegan men out there living the plant-based life, talking about how important it is for men to eat more plants.

So again, a big thank you to Shane and you hope to see more of Shane as we head into 2024. But I wanted to just take a moment to just reflect and set the stage for what's to come with 2024 and the Real Men Eat Plants podcast. So I've got some exciting resolutions and updates to share with you. I'd have to say we've done a countless number of episodes this past year. We're still figuring out our legs a little bit with the Real Men Eat Plants

and we could use your help. We are looking to try and create an in-circle of about 20 to 25 vegan men that wanna show up on a regular and consistent basis with us to join in five or six of us at a time and talk about a topic, talk about how it affects us as men, talk about how we can bring more men to the plant-based life and how we can celebrate each other, be vulnerable and showcase our

plant-based stories that are coming out there. So we've got some really exciting things coming with Real Men Eat Plants. We're gonna launch our vegan men stories collection here. So if you're a vegan man and you want to come and tell us your life-changing story, I'd like to build a library of countless numbers of real men eating plant stories to just showcase how many of us are out there and how many of us are helping to change the world.

Every website I go look at out there seems to showcase that 80% of the plant-based traffic is women oriented and I want to change that. I want us men to be clicking on these websites and get our nice 50-50 share in those statistics. So we need to bring more men to the plant-based lifestyle. So with that, I need you to help spread the word. So if you know somebody, have them head on over to the RealManyPlants website, check it out, fill out the form.

Bryan (02:24.254)

and get in touch with us because we'd love to have you be one of our men in our inner circle. That's not only it, we've got an amazing lineup of some cool speakers that are going to come in and hit us with the Real Many Plants show next year and we've got some other really cool things that are happening on our YouTube Shorts channel and our TikTok channel so come and check those things out as well.

There's one other thing I'm really excited about, which is Green Growth Mentors. Gree is a great new way for businesses to connect with us and to interact with me. I'm a business coach, I am plant-based, I've got my certificate from Cornell University, just like many of you out there, and I want to help dump in some wisdom and experience with plant-based mentoring.

And so if you have a business or you're aspiring to be a business, I can help you. I would love for you to come and check out gree and learn about how we can connect one-on-one or in some group settings to help you launch your business or take your existing business to the next level. So if you know any plant-based businesses that are struggling or need some help, tell them to check out gree I would love to connect with them and have us on one of our sister podcasts, which is Plant Based on Fire.

So come and check out those as well. And the excitement continues to build with real many plants. So please stay tuned for what's to come in the first week of the new year. And we can't wait to embark on this journey of growth and discovery with you. Before I sign off, I just wanted to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. May it be filled with joy, peace and moments to cherish. Let's recharge and reflect on and get ready to make 2024 and then fun.

unforgettable year for real men who eat plants. So happy holidays everybody and we'll see you in the new year and remember let's grow green together.



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