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REAL MEN GIVE BLOOD | Why Vegan Blood is Better

Life is blood.

It’s pretty much that simple: without it, we’re nothing. If we lose too much, it’s lights out. That much is pretty obvious, but there’s a lot more to the importance of blood that often gets overlooked.

In the U.S. 38,000 donations are needed every day. Accidents and injuries, surgical operations, chemotherapy, kidney dialysis, and many more causes place a huge demand on the nation’s blood banks. Yet, while almost 40% of Americans are eligible for donation, only two per cent actually give. That’s a statistic we should be ashamed of.

14 June marks National Blood Day, so if you need a little encouragement to make your first donation, why not add that date to your calendar and get your blood flowing. You’re already making a huge difference to the world - it’s time to make one more.

Find out the reasons for and benefits of giving blood as a vegan in my latest blog, now live on Medium.



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