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Restaurant Review: Chipotle

Come on men… you know Chipotle is one of your favorite places. A big burrito loaded down with some amazing hot sauce, a few large chunks of beef or chicken, maybe even that spicy beef or pork. You can taste it right now while reading this can’t you.

I love it too! I probably visit this amazing establishment one to two times a week. My couple complaints are charging extra for guacamole, and not enough salt on the chips at times.

I’ve found the solution for you. The vegetarian burrito. Skip the meat! You load up on the onions and peppers, rice, black beans, ask for an extra helping of tomato salsa, a dash of corn. Guess what! FREE Guacamole! It comes included with the vegetarian version. I usually skip the cheese and sour cream, since those are dairy, but your mileage may vary.

Since there is no meat in the roll, it has never broken open while they are packaging it up, requiring that double wrap, or a complete redo. 

Honestly I don’t miss the meat at all. It is still quite an enjoyable meal, so even if you are a meat eater, exploring this website from your wife or girlfriends nagging, I’d encourage you to give it a try once. See what you think about their vegetarian version. Let me know too!


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