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Restaurant Review: Gobo Restaurant

Brief trip to NYC this weekend, and a new restaurant review for you. GOBO Restaurant in the west village. It was excellent. I love finding a place that not only can you eat Vegan, but really enjoy it.

I think one of the major reasons I don’t eat vegan more often is due to the lack of options. When the guys want to go someplace for lunch at work the only vegan option at times is french fries (questionable) and a salad.

Needless to say the Fried Spinach & Soy Cheese Wantons were delicious at this restaurant, and the butternut squash risotto phenomenal. We also tried the roasted vegetables, they came out on a steaming saute pan, and were done to perfection, with beets and other unique items hiding among the broccoli and carrots. The white bean, pumpkin soup was good, but we needed a dash of salt. 

Overall the atmosphere at this place is great, a little loud at times for dinner conversation, but I think that is typical in a popular NYC restaurant. I recommend checking it out if your in the area.


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