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Restaurant Review: Green Wave Cafe

The wife and I had the pleasure of dining at the Green Wave Cafe tonight. Although a little further away from the beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL that we would like it to be, it was worth the drive.

It is tucked away in a little plaza off Broward Blvd. Inside are a few tables, and a long cafe-style counter with stools. The atmosphere was nice, but the menu looked amazing. Everything on the menu is raw and vegan. Making it enjoyable to read through all the items and not have to worry about which may or may not contain butter or eggs.

We settled on hummus and vegan crackers, lima bean soup, house salad with avocados, and the lettuce boat tacos. Sharing everything all around, the lima bean soup was delicious, and the hummus was not your typical one, very unique and tasty. By far our favorite though was the tacos.

I am a long time burrito fan, and I’ve been missing my chicken, pork, or steak burritos for a few weeks now. This fit the bill perfectly, a big leafy piece of lettuce, topped with a magical guacamole spread and Mexican salsa, then some kind of cashew “cheese” sauce layered on top. I wish I had a picture for you! It was heavenly. I gave it a minor dousing of hot sauce and down the tube, it went. Each bite was perfect.

We finished it all off with vegan strawberry ice cream, which was just okay, we still need to get used to ice cream missing the milk thing. I got the chocolate banana pie, and that was amazing too. True chocolate taste, with a banana and coconut flavor.

So despite the long drive for us, we give this place two thumbs up, and will definitely be back. If you're in the area, check out the Green Wave Cafe!


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