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Restaurant Review: Pure Wine and Food

Restaurant Review: Pure Wine and Food

Pure Wine and Food, located in Irving Place a few blocks from Union Square in NYC, is a wonderful exploration of more Vegan dishes. Atmosphere is very romantic and dimly lit, perfect for date night. We started out with a selection of cheeses made from nuts and other things dried, aged, and magically transformed into cheese of some kind. I still need to learn more about that process, but they were delicious none the less. Second course was a fig, truffle salad, which was heavenly. I paired it with a nice organic beer from Germany. Main dish was a decadent lasangna, see picture above. Perfect amounts of ricotta alternative, pesto, and tomato sauce, layered with zuccini and heirloom tomatoes. The place where we were seated had a slight vibration to it all night, something about the heating vent underneath us, but they do offer purified water and ice, along with sparkling water as well. I thought it was very enjoyable, and would recommend anyone taking a romantic evening out there.


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