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Restaurant Review: The Pita Pit

A new lunch favorite has popped up with my usual crew at lunch. We discovered it again a month or so ago, and now we find ourselves there about once a week.

The Pita Pit! When you see that sign, give it a try, they have quite a good selection on the menu for us vegetarians. From falafel to a veggie burger, to hummus, and even a nice tomato, avocado breakfast pita.

All of them come in a salad format too, if you want to skip the pita. You get to pick the items tossed into your pita, and again a nice wide selection of fresh veggies to choose from.

I still think that Maoz Vegetarian is slightly better, but they don’t seem to be as common place as a Pita Pit.

Whats your thoughts on this place as another good vegetarian fast food option?


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