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Restaurant Review: Zoes Kitchen

Traveling this past week I encountered a new vegetarian oriented restaurant. Zoes Kitchen. It was a welcoming sign, and a nice building design that tempted us off course from Starbucks to give it a try.

I would say a good majority of their menu is vegetarian, and they have several vegan options as well. Almost all menu items could have steak or chicken added for a few dollars more. Quite the opposite of most restaurants that put the chicken in, and if you ask for it to be removed, they still charge you the full price.

We got our order to go since we wanted to get back on the road, but a pleasant experience inside, and the food was delicious. I had the egg salad, and the spinach rolls, both of which melted in my mouth.

Check their website: and I hope you’ll find one in your area soon to try it out. Otherwise maybe you should help open one!


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