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Revolutionizing Media: Jane Velez-Mitchell on UNCHAINEDTV

Updated: Mar 29

Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Glen Merzer Show! Today, we have a special guest who's making waves in the world of media and veganism. Jane Velez Mitchell, an Emmy award-winning journalist and former CNN reporter, joins us to discuss the groundbreaking platform she founded: UNCHAINEDTV.

In a world where mainstream media often overlooks the importance of animal rights and veganism, Jane saw an opportunity to bypass this blackout and create a platform for change. UNCHAINEDTV was born out of her desire to shed light on critical issues surrounding our planet, animals, and human health.

During our conversation, Jane shares her journey from mainstream media to launching UNCHAINEDTV. She explains how the network emerged as a solution to the limitations she faced in traditional media outlets. With a focus on documentaries, cooking shows, and thought-provoking content, UNCHAINEDTV offers a unique perspective on veganism and activism.

One of the highlights of UNCHAINEDTV is the daily vegan cooking show, Lunch Break Live, which garnered millions of views and engaged audiences worldwide. Jane emphasizes the importance of accessibility, making all content available for free to viewers across the globe.

Moreover, Jane discusses the challenges and triumphs of running a nonprofit streaming network. Despite limited resources, UNCHAINEDTV continues to grow, reaching millions of viewers and sparking conversations about veganism and animal rights.

Through collaborations with nonprofits, celebrity interviews, and coverage of vegan events, UNCHAINEDTV aims to break through the "vegan echo chamber" and reach a wider audience. Jane's passion for creating impactful content shines through as she encourages listeners to join the movement and support the platform.

So, if you're ready to be part of a revolution in media and promote positive change in the world, don't miss out on UNCHAINEDTV. Download the app today and become a part of the global community committed to making a difference.

Thank you for tuning in to The Glen Merzer Show. Stay tuned for more inspiring conversations and thought-provoking discussions. Remember, together, we can create a better world for all beings, one episode at a time.


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