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Rip’s Big Bowl - Cereal done right!

What can I say, I used to love getting up on a Saturday morning as a kid and watching cartoons. Digging into a big bowl of cereal, smothered in marshmallows, or scraping up the roof of your mouth with Captain Crunch.I used to love Raisin Bran or Frosted Flakes too. The kind covered in sugar.

Today my life has changed. I seek out the new kind of cereal. The ones with the most variety in them. A mixture of seeds, or nuts, and dried fruits. By far the best one I’ve had in a while though is Rip’s Big Bowl.

It is misleading at first, you can’t pour yourself a normal serving. If you do the Almond Milk won’t penetrate down to the deep crevasses. Plus you’ll never be able to finish it. Start with half the normal pour and work your way up to the right portion for yourself.

It is amazing plain, but I typically jazz mine up with a little agave, and sprinkle in some banana’s, raspberries, or blueberries. Which ever we have hiding in the fridge.

It is available as a make it yourself recipe with the link included here, or you can find it at Whole Foods everywhere. Please tell me your favorite cereal! I’d love to know.


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