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Rule Breaker Snacks

In January of 2022, 692,000,000 people signed up for Veganuary - the most people ever to accept the challenge. The Good Food Institute found that the rate of plant-based sales tripled in 2021 and the plant-based snack market is set to exceed $73 billion by 2028. That’s a reason to celebrate as people out there are looking for better plant-based options - including snacks! Now meet a snack company that’s making it even easier to eat plant-based!

Meet Rule Breaker Snacks - innovative better-for-you snacks that are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, top 11 allergen-free, and deliciously soft-baked. Our snacks start with chickpeas (they are the first ingredient!) but you’d never know it from the luscious texture and delicious flavor and they’re packed with protein and fiber, have less sugar and are made with wholesome, real-food ingredients.

Ruler Breaker Snacks was founded by Nancy Kalish, a former health journalist and certified health coach with a serious sweet tooth that was looking for something to satisfy her own snacking needs. She spent an entire year crafting the recipe for the first product, the delicious Deep Chocolate Brownie.

When smaller vegan brands expand, it creates more options for everyone. Sure, you can order online but isn’t it great to have an option you can stop and get quickly? Having convenient, easy access to vegan snacks makes them more accessible to everyone and can also make a serious impact on the environment.

Right now, Rule Breaker Snacks is accepting investors in their equity crowdfunding campaign. It’s like an IPO but for tiny companies. It’s a great opportunity for you and great opportunity to support a small vegan company. Because let’s be honest, we need options that align with plant-based values.

Check out their campaign page! You’ll get some cool perks if you invest. But more importantly, you’ll be supporting a great vegan company, be a part of something amazing and help a tiny woman-owned company reach new heights.



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