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Statistics: Manly Vegan’s In the USA

The available research puts the figure at around 1% of the USA population.

2008: 0.5% of the population (6)

2006: 1.4% of the population (5)

2003: 1.8% of the population (4)

2000: 0.2% of the population (3)

2000: 0.9% of the population (2)

1997: 1.0% of the population (1)

Meaning that if there are 300 million Americans, we have 3 million people, guessing that 1.5 million of them are MEN! So where are you all hiding? Lets start influencing people, and get one other man on board with our plan, and we’ll have 1.5 to 2 percent in no time.

(6) 2008 Harris Interactive survey, Vegetarian Times. 

(5) 2006 Harris Interactive survey, Vegetarian Resource Group.

(4) 2003 Harris Interactive survey, Vegetarian Resource Group.

(3) 2002 CNN poll, Time Magazine. 

(2) 2000 National Zogby Poll, Vegetarian Resource Group.

(1) 1997 Roper Poll, Vegetarian Resource Group.



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