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The New USDA Plate Model

The USDA revealed my plate model for our daily food intake. I think it has come a long way from the meat and cheese pyramid I remember as a kid. But that dairy item is still hiding there. Just a shame for the millions of Americans who are allergic to dairy huh?

I like how they still have a giant area for protein too, where I’m starting to realize through my vegetable diet that you don’t need as much of that as you think you do. I mean we still get our protein, just in smaller doses from the various other things we eat.

Hopefully, by the time I have grandchildren wandering around my feet we’ll have a much better understanding of what this pyramid, plate diagram should really look like.

Or maybe not since the USDA has such strong lobbyists pushing them towards that dairy and meat model. Subsidizing our grain factories and more. Maybe we just need a fund for a few good vegetable lobbyists.


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