• Bryan Dennstedt

THE STATS DON'T LIE | Veganism by the Numbers

From the growing number of vegans in the US and around the world to the percentage reduction in health risks, environmental impact and animals consumed, plant-based living is inundated with positive facts and figures.

Viewing all of these unbiased reports, studies and statistics, one thing becomes clear: veganism - or at least a very significant move towards a plant-based diet - is one of the most profound acts we can make towards a better future; for animals, for the planet and for our own health, wellbeing and longevity.

It can all be a bit overwhelming, so I’ve collected together a few of the key stats, with a little bit of help (and a very handy infographic) from HealthCareers.

Join me on Medium and take a look at some of the key statistics associated with a plant-based diet. Find the blog here: THE STATS DON'T LIE | Veganism by the Numbers


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