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The twitter followers grow daily.

I have to say I am completely and totally impressed. Virtually every day now Real Men Eat Plants receives an email or two announcing a new twitter follower of ours.

I’m inspired to see men, not only reading a few articles on the site, but joining in the revolution through twitter and facebook, by posting their own stories.

Through linked in, and movies, you can easily see how most people are separated from each other on the planet by several degrees of separation, thats it! Which means almost everyone knows one Vegan or Vegetarian. If that person could just help influence in small short easy ways others to adopt a one veggie day a week, or even take the 30 day vegetarian challenge, we can topple the scales towards a more sustainable future each day.

Keep following @realmeneatplant and continue your own voyage towards spreading the word: Real Men Eat Plants!


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