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Tips for Traveling as a Vegan

Traveling and exploring new places is one of the best parts of life. There’s nothing like visiting a new country and learning about their culture, or even visiting a new city! However, traveling while eating a plant based diet can seem daunting. The thought of being stranded with no place that offers vegan options is every vegan's worst nightmare, but luckily there are some ways to combat this! And below, we will teach you how!

1. Research!

Our first (and biggest) tip is to do your research! Some cities are simply more plant-based friendly than others. If you have any say in where you can book your trip, try to pick out vegan friendly cities or countries where it is easier to eat a vegan diet. You can search for vegan and restaurants on Yelp and HappyCow, which is a directory of veg-friendly and vegan restaurants across the world, with loads of reviews from other plant-based individuals. You can also seek out vegan travel food advice from plant-based locals online. There are a ton of state-specific Facebook groups for vegans. Post a specific question or use the search feature in the Facebook group to look up topics. These groups have a ton of great tips on being vegan while traveling and are an excellent way to discover some hidden plant-based gems in the area that you’re planning to go to. Social Media and Youtube are also great options when it comes to traveling as a vegan. There are so many content creators making fantastic videos that show what you can expect as a vegan in locations around the world.

2. Communication is Key!

Before taking off on your journey, it is a good idea to learn some basic phrases in the local language related to being vegan. This way you can explain your dietary restrictions to waiters, food vendors, and other locals you meet on the road. While this only applies if you’re going to another country, it can still be fun to brush up on other languages in the meantime.

3. Get a Kitchen

Having access to kitchens on the road makes traveling as a vegan so easy. It’s the best way to ensure that you are able to stick to your diet and cook the meals that you love to eat. Eating out is fun, especially when you’re traveling, however, there is also something great about being able to cook cheap, comforting vegan meals while you travel. Even by just eating one meal a day in your kitchen, you will be saving a TON of money.

4. Pack snacks that you know and trust

Things happen during travel, and having your own snacks is the best way to control a situation in your favor. You never know where you may end up and if they will have vegan options or not, so it's a good idea to always travel with snacks in hand so that they are able to tide you over to your next meal. Some of the best snacks to pack are protein bars, nuts, popcorn, and fruit.

Hopefully, this helps put your mind at ease and remember to have fun on all your travels.


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