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Vegan, more socially acceptable for women?

Dinner tonight, chicken chop-chop. What can I say? I still love the aroma of chicken grilling on a slow fire for hours. Don’t worry, I ordered the vegetarian chop-chop sans cheese and sour cream. The nice gentleman behind the counter asked, “I’m sorry what?” I said, “please hold the sound cream and the cheese.” To which I received a weird stare, and an okay, no problem.

Of course, this incident could have just been an honest misunderstanding, but I find it happening all the time. I asked my wife about it, and she does not seem to have that issue at all. People don’t ask questions of her. They don’t worry about her protein, or ask don’t you miss a nice juicy burger?

So I’ve come to the conclusion that women can eat what they want. Men are stereotyped as a meat-eating caveman. Must have bacon. Where’s the beef? I want a bigger steak for dinner.

We need to combat this stereotype. Men are not cavemen, err. well, not most of us. We are very smart and capable of eating plants to help save the environment and improve our health. Trust me. I have tried some truly amazing main courses over the past few weeks that any meat-eater would love if they gave them half a chance.


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