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Vegan Wine and Cheese Bar Concept

I love cheese… what can I say. I know it will be a stumbling block on my path to veganism, well that and hard boiled eggs.

But I see no real reason why any wine and cheese bar cannot create a vegan version fairly quickly from ingredients they already have on their menu. Each cheese is typically accompanied by something that pairs well with it. Certain cheeses come with apricots, others come with special almonds. Apples, pears, jelly and jam, mustards and honey.

I envision walking into a nice cheese bar in the future, and ordering the vegan pairing, one that comes with all of the above mentioned items, without the cheese. Expand your selection of nuts, who doesn’t love almonds, walnuts, pecans. Widen your selection of fruit to some exotic ones like star fruit, or rambutan. Expand your selection of olives, and even those mini toasts and breads can be vegan if done properly.

All of which I’m sure pair very well with certain select wines. I will certainly be mentioning this to my local wine and cheese bars around, and if anyone wants to invest, I would also be glad to start figuring out which goes best with what. 


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