• Bryan

Vegetarian at a baseball game

Went to a baseball game this past week. I was thinking to myself great, what am I going to get to eat there! I was pleasantly surprised, a good majority of the food is technically vegetarian, although not very high up on the healthy food list.

Pretzels - delicious, and bread oriented, dash of sodium.

Cheese Pizza - found a slice of pizza at the second pizza stand, the first one was sold out of cheese. Which I thought was interesting.

Cotton Candy - have to get those refined sugars someplace right?

Peanuts - love these, and I made a complete mess too. Good times.

Beer - although you have to be careful here on which one is truly vegetarian right?

Ice Cream - always a good favorite for dessert.

So as I was dreading not being able to find much, my mind had been changed around to the fact that we can do fairly well at a ball game.

Of course next time I may try to sneak in a few pieces of fruit, and perhaps some granola bars or something. My team lost though, but it was a close game.


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