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Vitamix Blender - A vegetarians best friend?

I have been memorized by many demonstrations at Whole Foods Market of the Vitamix blender. This weekend my wife and I took the plunge and purchased one.

Wowza, what can I say about this mixer? It is the same thing they use at Starbucks or Jamba Juice, and it sure is powerful. We made an amazing batch of peanut butter in seconds. Perfectly mixed, a tinge of crunchy, and slightly warm. We toasted some olive sourdough, spread a little on with the superfruit jam. Amazing.

Our last blender would work intermittently, it survived quite a few smoothies, but we knew it was on its last legs. If you're in the market for the perfect blender, definitely get the Vitamix.

Perfect for not only smoothies, but peanut butter, salsa, soups, and many others. It even included a recipe book. Plus its made in the good old USA.


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