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WHAT'S THE BEEF WITH SOY? | Debunking Soy Myths

Tofu, tempeh, soy milk, soy ice cream - whatever form it comes in, meat-eaters have something to say about it.

Latching onto tenuous facts, expounding upon disproven rumors and proliferating statistics to favor their own cause, carnivores continue to feed the belief that soy is bad.

The multitude of reasons ranges from causing breast cancer to causing breasts in men, the destruction of the rainforests to the destruction of our bone density and many more. Barely dipping a toe on the ocean of proven research and study, meat-eaters cherry-pick information while remaining tragically myopic to the bigger picture.

So, what is their beef with soy? Is it good or bad, and do any of these rumors actually stand up to the facts? Join me to take a deep-dive onto the ocean of facts about soy products:



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