• Bryan

Which vitamins are missing? If any?

Having lived a good majority of my life eating meat and now removing it from my diet. I am concerned that perhaps there are some vitamins or minerals missing. So I’ve been digging into the research, reading lots of papers. I think overall I’ll be fine.

I pop my multivitamin each morning, but there is always that question of protein. Are you getting enough? Well, I love my peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and pistachios, been eating tons of them for years, so I think my protein levels will be just fine.

Seems like plants give you more of these important things that meat does really. But I am still curious when I get a headache or a sniffle in the morning that perhaps it is because of something missing.

The proper answer is probably to take advantage of our technological advances and get a blood work exam done a few times a year. Just to see how and what the levels are doing. If there is anything that I can do better.

Overall I have not really noticed any difference.


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