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Zuckerberg - Vegetarian? Kinda…

Wandering around twitter the other afternoon, I found an interesting article detailing how Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s head honcho, is making his personal goal for 2011 to challenge what he eats.

He wants to know where everything he puts in his mouth has come from. Starting out eating vegetarian, he then boiled a lobster and ate it. He has killed some animals and had them butchered.

I give him a kudos on this. I know my vegetarian friends will be upset, but let me explain. He is eating only what he kills himself. So it means that for the most part, he is eating vegetarian. So probably with his busy schedule, he is eating vegetables daily, unless he’s back home.

Of course, if everyone on the planet ate vegetables only every other day, we would have 50% more cows still alive and would change the face of the economy drastically.

So while we can’t get everyone to give up meat forever, we can persuade them to eat vegetarian as much as possible. Let's start out with Veggie Tuesday's or something. It is a start, right?


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