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A Podcast Like No Other


Irreverent, unafraid, and always funny, the RMEP Podcast destroys the stereotype that “You need to eat meat to be a man,” one show at a time.

This podcast is for people who live a plant-based lifestyle, those who are considering it, and for anyone that wants to be entertained. RMEP brings a daily mix of sports, pop culture, humor, and high-profile guests.


The target demographic is men, ages 25-54.


Can be heard anywhere podcasts are heard, plus YouTube.


Partners enjoy bang for their buck, with visibility across myriad digital media.


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The Host and Plant Based Man

I’m just your average, ordinary guy who makes plant-based cooking casual, easy, and delicious. I don’t use fancy equipment and I don’t use fancy “chef speak” I’m a normal dude who loves to cook and eat good food that happens to be completely plant-based. The recipes I share with you were never made for this blog, the blog was made for the recipes. I’m passionate about sharing things that have changed my life. Everything you see on Shane & Simple is what I make in my own kitchen for my wife and my five kids – I’m pretty passionate about them as well. You’re NOT going to find any recipes showing you how to cook things like chocolate balsamic glazed beets with wild shiitake mushrooms in some kind of fancy rhubarb and strawberry glaze. My mission is to create recipes that are straight-up easy, delicious, practical, plant-based, and vegan.



Co-Host and Plant Based Man

Dr. Richmond (aka Rich) McCarty earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi and received his medical training from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, where he was on a Air Force Health Professions Scholarship program.  He went on to serve 3 years of active duty service as a flight surgeon at Beale AFB and then subsequently finished out a family medicine residency.  During his last year of residency training, he completed his medical acupuncture certification through the AAMP and in 2020, he became certified in Lifestyle Medicine.  He is known for his deep-rooted passion for promoting health and wellness. He continues to explore the intersection of a plant-based lifestyle and male bravado in a quest for optimal health. His dedication lies in educating and empowering all his patients to adopt a plant-based lifestyle in order to help them make informed choices that will optimize their mind, body, and spiritual state of mind.

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The Plant Based Producer

Bryan is a passionate advocate for plant-based living. He embraces a plant-based lifestyle, actively promotes the transition from vegetarian to plant-based, and focuses on whole foods.

Bryan is dedicated to spreading the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and encourages others to adopt a plant-based diet for the betterment of their health and the planet.

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