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How to Plan the Perfect Vegan Valentine's Date

So you’re at a loss as to what to get your partner on Valentine’s Day? When one (or both) of you are vegan, you can’t just get any old box of chocolates like you might have done in the past. But we promise, having a perfect valentine's date on a plant-based lifestyle is as easy (vegan) pie! We’ve put together a collection of the best vegan Valentine's Day gifts as well as some unconventional date ideas to make this day very special!

Date Ideas

1. Plant a tree

This one may not sound very exciting, but it’s actually a very fun activity that can bring you and your partner closer together. It’s also a sort of metaphor. The tree will grow as your love grows. It’s a (vegan) cheesy sentiment but one that’s sure to make your partner smile. Plus, planting a tree is always a good deed.

2. Visit an animal sanctuary

This is such an eye-opening experience. Whether you are vegan yourself or not, there is something extraordinary about seeing animals, who are often thought of solely as food, in person. This brings to light how they are actually living beings who deserve just as much love as we do. The experience is different for everyone, but no matter what it will be something you and your partner remember for a long time.

3. Take a vegan cooking class together

Find a local vegan cooking class and learn how to cook all sorts of delicious meals with your special Valentine. A lot of cities host these, you will just need to look online. Bonus points if you actually cook your partner the meals you learn from the class.

4. Walk along the beach and pick up trash along the way

A bonding experience that also has benefits for the environment. Also, who doesn’t love some quiet time on the beach early in the morning before all the people show up? A clean beach means less junk ending up in the water, which means fewer pollutants there to hurt sea creatures.

5. Watch the sunrise or sunset

You might view this as cheesy, but it truly is a classic romantic activity.


  • Vegan chocolates

Our favorites: Alter Eco, No Whey Foods, Evolved Foods, Taza Chocolate

  • Vegan Candles

Our favorite brands: Lee Jay Candle Co, Evil Queen, Vegan Candle Co

  • A gift card to your favorite vegan restaurant

  • Flowers



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