• Bryan

THE SECRET TO LONG LIFE | Uncovering the Blue Zones

Health isn’t a day-to-day practice, it is a lifelong investment.

A plant-based diet offers so many benefits to reducing risk of illness, improving health and increasing your chances of a long, happy, healthy life. But is there more to it than simply removing animal products from your diet?

I recently heard the phrase “Blue Zones”. I assumed it had some connection to the ocean, but began to research these five land-based regions of the world and the claims that their residents are redefining what it means to live a complete, healthy life.

While some are obvious, such as minimising the intake of alcohol, some similarities reinforce the plant-based message, while others suggest that our modern lifestyle, despite all its comfort, convenience and technology, is killing us quicker or, less dramatically, inhibiting our overall health and longevity.

So, what are the Blue Zones, at what are their secrets to good health, long life and greater life-happiness? Read all about them in my latest blog, now on Medium.


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